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    A vs A Custom?

    They are both available used at my local music-go-round. There isn't much price difference. That's what I meant by having a choice. I'm limited to buying used at the moment.
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    A vs A Custom?

    Thank you. I preferred the As, but I couldn't articulate why. I play with heavy sticks and the As just felt better.
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    A vs A Custom?

    I have a choice between A Mastersounds or A Custom Mastersounds. Sonically, what's the difference? My other cymbals are K Customs and I'm looking for some hats that will mesh well with them.
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    Old dude learning

    I'm 49 and I just started drumming in July. You're never too old to make music. Plus learning a new instrument staves off Alzheimer's.
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    What are you doing today as a drummer?

    Learning my first song: Comfortably Numb
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    Bass guitar shelter? :(

    My basses were my work horses, my babies. I could never leave one somewhere. Not even for a day.
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    Too old to Play Drums

    I had the same experience when I turned 40. Younger players thought I was too old. Here I am almost 50 and I just switched to drums. I understand it will be difficult to find others my age still willing to play heavy rock. People keep saying I should play jazz or blues, rock is a young man's...
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    Sina Doering

    I've been watching her videos, trying to pick up things, for a while. She can play, no doubt. She nailed Motorhead's Ace of Spades and Toto's Rosanna. Two songs I wish I could play. Never heard her original stuff.
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    Jazz to some people...

    I really dig some types of jazz, the type where the melody is prevalent and it swings. I love the way Willie Nelson interprets jazz tunes. But the whole multi voices playing over each other, anything frenetic, bores me. As a musician, I have no desire to play jazz. Tried it in music school and...
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    Beginner drummer needs help

    Use your back two fingers like shock absorbers to control how much bounce you get in the stick, instead of tightly gripping with thumb and first finger for control.
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    What drum sets, accessories, etc. do you think will be valuable in the future?

    I have a Sabian limited edition Jimmy Degrasso signature model ride. Only 200 produced. I would imagine something of limited number becoming valuable. I bought it because it meets all my needs for a dedicated rock ride. Can't imagine selling it.
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    Which Instrument or Instrumentation are the Drum Sets Master.

    As a bassist for many decades, I always followed the drums. My right hand and the drummer's right foot were a marriage. Now, in song writing a guitarist or other lead instrument may come up with a main riff I would build off of, but I always allowed the drums to dictate the feel. This is one...
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    Washboard query

    Lol! My mom recently had to pick up the washboard for a gig. She gets down with thimbals and an old Ace men's comb.
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    Is it dumb of me to buy Constantinople?

    Sounds like you've got GAS. Gear Acquisition Syndrome. Just buying something to buy it may not be your best investment in the long run. I'm doing something similar, however, buying nice cymbals even though I'm a beginner drummer. Still, I play them first. That's a must. Best of luck with your...
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    Any interest is silent heads?

    I have a whole set of Remo silent stroke heads on my kit. I love them for what they are. I can practice any time I want, playing as hard as I want. I really don't like my neighbors hearing me practice, so they work great for me.