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    Got a new project to work on

    Wow. Just source some rims, a bass drum hoop, T's 'n' claws ..... they'll be sweet.
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    Why Is This Ludwig Classic Maple So Cheap?

    Power tom and modular hardware ..... nice kit ...... but for most people, not $1000 nice.
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    Bassdrum head recordings 18" bass drum

    This is a great site.
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    Let me know when it comes down to $135. 😂
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    Any advice for a first timer changing Heads?

    First off ...... Welcome to Drummerworld There are a lot of video's on YouTube on this ..... so maybe watch one or two, to catch the main points. I run coated Emperors on my Ludwig 3 ply kit. Great for that warm, vintage tone. So ...... 1) Take off the old head 2) Run a soft, clean rag...
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    Bassdrum head recordings 18" bass drum

    Oh .... OK ..... less sustain. Well .... then the PS3 territory (and beyond, it is). Evans PS3 would be the EQ4. If you wanna keep marching with Evans ..... after that, you get into Hydraulic heads (similar to Pinstripe) and the EMAD heads. I have Aquarian SKII's (similar to the EMAD) on...
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    Converting traditional drum set to a cocktail kit?

    Butch uses an old Slingerland Jam Session kit ....
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    Bassdrum head recordings 18" bass drum

    It's "basically" an Ambassador with a built on richie ring (which is a total "old school" solution). I'm real happy with coated P3's on my toms (batter) .... on my snare (one of them), I like the Evans HD Dry .... which is a little different than a P3, but in the same vein. If you're looking...
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    Thoughts on Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage?

    Hopefully this helps .....
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    Bassdrum head recordings 18" bass drum

    Yup .... just keep experimenting. I use Fiberskyn reso. Never really got into using them batter, on bass drums. Have one currently reso., on my 26x14 Ludwig 3 ply (Superkick I batter). You might find the PS3 batter, Fiberskyn reso. is the winning combo.
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    Oak Shells Or Maple Shells?

    While I would love to have an Oak kit (Yamaha Oak Customs) ..... they would simply overpower my current drum space. If you're playing live, and competing with amps (as mentioned above) ..... Oak is a great choice. But overall, if you have a Birch kit already ..... I'd go Maple.
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    Bassdrum head recordings 18" bass drum

    Maybe just a strip or two of race/gaffer tape will do the trick. Or tape a strip of felt to the head.
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    Udrilled,virgin base drum pros&cons

    Tom holder/cymbal stand
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    Where to go with upgrading from a Taiwan Tama Rockstar

    Here's a nice kit. Good sizes, to straddle that jazz/pop/inde sound.
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    Category Leader

    I'm finding none. (easily available, accurate reports) What I've found so far is a lot of speculation. Opinions. And "facts" that become discredited as soon as you unearth more "facts".