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    Help me out here

    Well ..... that's what I did, initially. After years of playing a typical "mix" of Zildjian and Paiste "rock" cymbals, I went down the rabbit hole on hand-hammered Turkish cymbals ..... mostly Istanbul Mehmet and Agop cymbals. Some Soultone, Buzin and Masterwork, also. And it was a wonderful...
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    Question(s) re: cymbal appearance

    So I can't speak specifically for the Paiste or Meinl you mention, but ..... I had Paiste Colorsound 5's for a while. And the finish was worn on some of them. (I got 'em all used). So perhaps Paiste is using the same color technique with the Blue Bell? The Meinl's look like an applied...
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    CB 700

    Those are the lugs and logo I had on mine (concert toms I added to my MIJ stencil kit). They look pretty nice as is. As long as you don't throw a ton of money into them .... (the operative word "restoring" ..... what are you planning on doing?) That said, the "would someone pay $500 for this...
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    Question(s) re: cymbal appearance

    The name (Paiste, Cresent, etc) and the series (900, Ardor, etc) and well as possibly size and type (crash 17", 24" ride, etc) ..... that is inked onto the cymbal. And ink can rub off. Cleaning can remove ink ..... as well as gigging, and transporting cymbals in a bag that doesn't divide the...
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    Mapex Mars Pro Series

    $350 is a sweet price, as long as power toms and hanging floors don't bother you.
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    A different perspective, I suppose

    Yeah ..... you should really be using air !!!:LOL:
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    Will a very small port in a bass drum reso help w batter head flutter?

    While a port will probably get rid of the flutter (beater bounce) ..... porting your existing reso. might alter it's sound that you like so much. So you might have to search for a new reso.
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    Kit pic. Reversed my kit placement so I could add the second floor tom

    Killer. That looks like a great way to attach a legless hi-hat to a bass drum. Gonna order me one of those.
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    Cymbal Setup - Am I Done?

    Maybe so .... but probably not. Only time will tell;)
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    Quality of stands

    If your stands are shaking ..... that's bad. If you're tearing down and setting up your kit a lot, cheap stands won't cut it, at all. For years, I used double-braced Tama Titan (what is now Roadpro) and DW 5000 stands. Stuff is heavy like a boat anchor, but it's sturdy as all get out. But...
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    Tama has heard our feedback and toned it down with this new finish

    Got me baffled. I see green and black ..... with a hint of fade going to yellow. Yup !!!
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    New (to me) Ludwig Classic Maple

    Beautiful kit. Great sizes.
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    Salute your local drum store,..

    Pro Drum Los Angeles.
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    One clip I'm not embarrassed to share.

    Job well done !!!
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    Purchased a DW Design Series kit recently

    I really like this series. Those smaller lugs look killer.