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    Effects For Acoustic Drums

    Those are called Stackers. From a company called Morfbeats. (that cowbell looking thing is also from them) iPhone video posted is the two stacked together. You can find 6 songs here, under KDHC. My percussion brother Koorosh Daryaie and myself .... a little project we have...
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    18 inch bass drum, why bother?

    My RMV 18" lives on a riser. I'm thinking of putting a riser on my Yamaha 9000 18x14, as well.
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    odery cafe kit

    Here's a pretty good Odery demo (skip to 2:06 - unless you speak Portuguese) One thing I know about the Brazilians .... they take their percussion seriously.
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    Comments about Mapex had little to do with it. I got PM'd by the guy. There was something VERY wrong and dark going on.
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    What do you use to carry your multi pad?

    I use an old DJ record bag. Kinda like a square padded drum bag.
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    Stix, Balto. Jag, Bandit, Chester .... he had about 10 different monikers I think .....
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    Effects For Acoustic Drums

    Behringer makes really affordable pedals. They usually run in the $25-$30 range, unless you're looking for a discontinued model. Their Compressor/Sustainer CS400 might be what you want. Or possibly a DC9. Here's a MRX Dyna Comp being used on a drum track. Those run around $90...
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    Getting rid of my rack tom mount before re-warping it. How can I cover it?

    This repair is being done on smaller holes, but the same process applies to larger holes as well. Plenty of one inch holes have been plugged this way. It's how pro-repair shops do it. Once done and the drum is re-wrapped, the plug can only be seen from the interior.
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    My perception is it's a pretty mellow place, now. Thinking back to 2010 - 2012, man, THAT was some kinda crazy. Guy gets banned, comes back under a different name, gets banned again ..... and again ..... and again. And a couple other guys get banned. And a couple people write some loquacious...
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    New to me kit on the way !

    Congrats !!! Really nice drum set.
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    Tama Club Jam Mini 2019 vs Tama Club Jam Flyer 2020

    Well, whenever I see kits like this ...... first thing that comes to mind is drum 'n' bass. And when I just googled it, literally the second video that pops up is drum 'n' bass. So .... if you're thinking of buying one, what are you gonna do on it? In your mind. what's it's designated...
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    Zildjian ZBTs

    Well .... they are a bit better ..... which is why Zildjian is bringing them in as replacements for ZBT's. Zildjian DID have a budget line before (ZHT) that sounded OK/so-so. But they were B12 cymbals .... not B8's ..... and Zildjian discontinued them. It's your ears that matter. And...
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    Remo CS Black Dot shortage?

    6" $16.99 8" $9.95
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    Zildjian ZBTs

    +1 on everyone telling you NO !!!!! If you've got 5 old cymbals ...... pick either the hats or ride, and replace it. And keep working at it, until you've got at least some good hats, a good ride .... and at least 1 good crash. You're old cymbals .... you can eventually experiment with...
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    GoPro test ,drums.

    Audio and playing are spot on. Ditch the helmet cam mount for a tripod and you'll be gold.