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    New idea brewing, The D.T.O. snare

    Hi all, Just want to let you in on something I've been working on as I know many of you do not follow on Face Book. After working with Johnny Rabb on his stuff, ( the UFO is in the final stages before production) I had wondered what a normal size snare would sound like with the internal snare...
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    lastest Johnny Rabb Videos

    Thought you guys may enjoy these! We are removing the legs from the bass drums and creating mini bass stations to eliminate the wobble. Admins if you need to...
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    HI! new to the forums

    Yeah I know it has seemed like forever! I'm sure most have thought I "moved" on , but nope ! I finally have had a minute to actually sit down , catch my breath , and visit my favorite haunt! In case you have been wondering " hey whatever happened to Gary " , I gotta say, I have never been so...
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    Could 2012 be a turn around for Ddrum?

    Looks like Josh is already making an impact there! Steambent shells and a totally new product line.
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    This girl is just to cool !

    Sorry if its been posted already , but just another example of kids that are not busy texting and playing video games and what they can accomplish!
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    possibly the wildest drum rack so far

    Belongs to a drummer named MrSaw BladeHead from the band Arise to Burn and its on display here in Clearwater at Sam Ash. A real neat piece , but I wouldn't want to be the drum tech that has to break it down every night !
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    Finally done, The Knack video

    Hi Everyone , My Dad finally pulled himself away from working on stuff and we got the video for Shes So Selfish done. We did take your advice and set the kit up differently as you will see in the video. It did work much better and I'm gonna keep playing it this way. There were still a few...
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    Crazy past week for us, met up with D.W. member!

    This week has been crazy good around here for us! Wednesday was spent at a design/ manufacturing show. I'll post more about that in the Wac'd thread as that turned into gold! On Thursday mid afternoon it was a packed clinic with Victor Wooten playing unbelieveable Bass guitar and the great...
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    Need Help and advice. Jennifer

    O.k. So I have been working on my fun song , but my Dad said he won't finish the video unless I'm sure that I want to use this video. So as he suggested, I'm asking your opinion! I was going to do My Sharona but as soon as I heard this song I wanted to do it instead. Its She's So Selfish by the...
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    Sweet Home Alabama Cover by Jennifer

    Hi Everybody ! I know that this song is considered basic , but my Dad and I watched about ten video covers of this song and I felt that everyone was adding to much to the song. I decided that I would keep it as the song is played (at least the best I could make out!) and give it a try. So here...
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    Can you figure out who this drummer is?

    Yeah , I knew it would take you guys one second to figure it out , but I did not know he did a tour with them. Great stuff from a great band and a great drummer.
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    you will be scratching your head after you see this!

    toooo funny! thought I had seen every contraption out there, but I was wrong! Extreme Free Floating Drums !!
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    some of you may find this very important info

    I got this from Paul Quin and thought I would pass it on if no one has seen it.
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    The remake is finally done!

    Hi Everybody , They finally got my video done! I know my expression doesn't show it (haha!) but I had fun that day! I still had a little trouble with my fill at about the 2:40 mark ,but thats what I get for trying something different.... Anyways I hope you enjoy it ! Jennifer p.s. My Dad say...
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    Not me but....

    We saw this video and thought it was just to cool not to post, we were blown away! Alexy is 8 years old!