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    Progressively thinner drum heads?

    So I recently put Evans Onyx heads on my Yamaha Stage Custom. I love the tone it gives on my 16 inch. It's powerful, dark, full, and a little bit of thud. But as my drums get smaller the tone is lost and replaced with just a thud. I undertand for some that thud is just what they are looking for...
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    Paiste Twenty Custom Metal Ride 22'' Thoughts

    Does anyone here have, or have tried, the Twenty Custom Metal Ride? I'm considering getting one and I am wondering how it is in relation to a Paiste Signature Heavy Dry ride. Here is a sound clip of it.
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    Sonor 3007 Vs Stage Custom

    Hey guys so I wanted to get your opinion on this. I am looking at a Sonor 3007 Kit but in order to afford it i'd need to sell my Yamaha stage customs, which I've had since I started drumming 7 years ago, to get them. So that would kinda suck since it has some sentimental value. Is it worth it...
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    A Question Out Of Curiosity.

    Hey I was watching some live videos of drummers and I see them hitting the holy crap out of everything. I was wondering how do these professionals who have been at it for years play every night like that and not have wrist pain or problems. Is there some type of technique or what? Anyways I...
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    Yamaha Hex Rack 2

    Hi guys I saw that Yamaha introduced the Hex rack 2 at the NAAM show. Anyone know anything about these? What are your guy's thoughts on it? Edit: Here is a link to it if you want to check it out.
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    AAX Stage VS Paragon

    Hi guys, I'm looking at expanding my kit now that I've saved up enough and have two crashes in mind. The first is the Sabian AAX Stage crash, the second the Sabian Paragon Crash. Both 18 inches. I am wondering what you guys would say would be the better of the two. I would love to test them...
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    Paiste Alpha Metal Cracked

    Hey guys so I have had my Paiste Alpha Metal 18 inch since January and it has developed a small crack on the edge. I play everyday for about 30 minutes. I do play hard but I dont bury my stick into the cymbal and try to angle it. Any explanation or what I might be doing wrong. I don't think it...
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    Drum Rack For Yamaha Y.E.S.S System

    So i'm looking at buying a drum rack but I have a Yamaha Stage Custom with the Y.E.S.S mounting system. So in your guys opinion what is the best rack I can get that will work with the yess system? Or will they all work is it just a matter of clamps. I am not very well read regarding drum racks...