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    Age old question: How to prevent the kick drum/hi hat from sliding away

    I did this with a piece of rope. make a loop on one end, measure stool to drum distance, place a loop on the other end. Set up, put a loop around opposing lugs. Drum on.
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    My Custom Green Sparkle Kit

    Is that a 6 lug bass drum?
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    Olympics Anyone?

    Cetainly done on person, picking a small person. Dead weight, just a vocal metronome and cheerleader. 2017 they allowed females to ride in the mens sculls.
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    nervous about the first drum lesson

    Being nervous just means you care. One day, one lesson at a time. Good luck.
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    What black color should I use to paint my Pearl set?

    all you need do is sand the gloss or finish off of the green, so that the black will adhere. Save the torch for lighting your barbecue grill.
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    What black color should I use to paint my Pearl set?

    My experience with paint tells me there is flat, matte, semi gloss, and gloss and whatever number of flecks, sparkle, or glass you add, but there is only one black. Not light black, dark black, etc. just black
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    Screws for snare throw-off

    Take the good one to a hardware store and ask for help. Maybe 25 cents
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    Cracked Up: The Darrell Hammond Story

    This was always said about Johnny Carson
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    Its Hot!

    I got tired of shoveling snow. Haven't had to shovel any sunshine yet.
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    Olympics Anyone?

    And with that we will bring this episode to a close. Any other Olympic topics are welcome. Further discussion of mental health issues will be deleted so save your time.
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    Olympics Anyone?

    I used to dive, at an amateur level, and have taken my 3 or 4 steps, did my spring and forgot what I was doing. Fell into the soft water. Not a full flip with two twists landing on a somewhat but wooden floor. She was lost and did the right thing by sitting out until she gets it right.
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    Dusty Hill, ZZ Top bassist, dies at 72

    Just read that
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    Yo what pedals are you guys rocking?

    First generation Taye, Metalworks. Adjustable in 40 directions. From 2007
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    This is a fine line, but the decision is ultimately yours. Sorry, but not here....." do not discuss drug use or any illegal activities," best of luck
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    Olympics Anyone?

    I'm thinking anxiety attacks, and I've been there, so it's scary. Doing a vault and doing the improper amount of twists, not knowing where you are can be scary and dangerous. But why now after all of these years of competition??