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    Is the secondhand market as slow as it is because of the lockdowns??

    People out of work, moeny short, less disposable income. Just paying the rent is tough for some.
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    Lumber and stick prices.

    So far the gas shortage is humans hordeing. Actually filling plastic zip locks with gas. God forbid. Use what you need and back off, or burn toilet paper.
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    Lumber and stick prices.

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    Lumber and stick prices.

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    Hall of Fame

    and he ain't rock 'n roll
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    Farmer foot drum

    Something for a double amputee
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    Hall of Fame

    This years winners are: · Foo Fighters · The Go-Go's · JAY-Z · Carole King · Todd Rundgren · Tina Turner
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    Refinishing a stained kit

    If you use a veneer, you could use a clear wipe on poly. That would bring out the natural grain, and serve as plenty of protection.
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    Lumber and stick prices.

    Better find what you want a buy a brick or two for now.
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    How to let the audience know the song is over.

    Go to a country concert, there is never a doubt. They all end the same.
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    When's the right time to play with other musicians?

    If you fall down, get up. Take a few more lumps, get knocked down, get up again .
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    Desert Island Snare Drums

    Taye Studio Maple and Gretsch Brooklyn Hammered COB
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    Question for singing drummers

    How about an inline on off switch
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    Welcome to the dark side and back to drumming. Have fun.
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    ~~ Introducing the LEGO All Star Band ~~

    You got a mini of Bo.