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    And we all know why!!! One way trips to Mars can be arranged
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    First audition

    Don't overplay or show off. Play straight to the music. Playing too much nervous could cause mistakes and ruin your chances.
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    What's In A Name?

    When I moved to Florida I got together with a bunch of guys pier fishing and there were three or four of us named John or Johnny, so I chose Johnny G. Last initial . It became G-Man, G-Money, G, and a few others. I coached swimming for many years, and was Coach, or Coach Johhny, but nothing...
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    just getting back into to drumming after looooong hiatus

    My break was for 32 years . Truly for fun and hobby at this point.
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    Talk coffee. Other stimulate posts will be deleted. Thank you.
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    If you had a Drum Shop Credit?

    5 or 6 Zildjian Light K's. Heads and sticks. My Renown are fine for me.
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    Like everything else, there is good and bad. The secret is to not dwell on the bad. If you don't like something move on. Life is short.
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    Gretsch Catalina Special Edition Snare

    Catalina had a special kit, last year, brownish finish, with wood hoops. This snare is not one of those obviously but for new, in the box, for $120. ot should be worth it. Ask the seller what is special.
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    Thank You Drummer World!

    Back to the original thought. There are flags that can tell you the age of a post. The date and time in the top left corner of the last post. The number of posts, top right hand corner, #34, this one, and but the number of pages that have been posted. In this case 2. Sometimes it seems a...
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    Real Gretsch drums or no?

    The tom mount could have been added to a virgin bass drum. I added one to my Renown bass drum, and the silver sealer is not on the lower lines.
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    Copper Hoops

    I'm guessing copper clad like pennies.
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    What's better

    You might play for enjoyment, but if you feel, hear something is wrong correct it. Since I don't play out that is my philosophy. I missed too many ears without playing to hope to be awesome, so I have fun.
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    MEE Modular In Ear Monitors

    Done. Good luck
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    You know you’re getting old when...

    When your next birthday is your 73rd. That means you are starting year 74. sighhhhh.
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    Disappointed with Pearl Roadshow

    From the RoadShow ad. Second-rate gear only makes your drumming journey harder.