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    Movies/TV shows with bad drumming scenes

    I've been watching the Netflix show, PEN15, and one of the main characters takes an improvised timpani solo that would be great to see during a middle-school band concert - There were a couple of other details that were curious, like that the character's dad was often out of town touring with...
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    Steve Smith: Practice on a splash cymbal for touch

    I thought OP was referring to this Until I watched this interview
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    Good metronome software

    I also highly recommend the Time Guru app. It has a unique and simple interface that is intuitive to use - you can set up all kinds of click patterns (like 4 beats w/click followed by 4 beats rest) in a few seconds.
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    20” kicks anyone?

    The last set I bought were some Sonor Hilites with a 20” bass drum. It sounds amazing and the bass drum sounds great with any tuning, from high to low/extremely loose
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    Things you've not learned to do

    I can’t give an all-encompassing definition of how to study music - there are a bunch of paths. I mean that I’ve heard the ‘learning-how-to-do-things-will-box-me-in” argument being used against things like learning about music theory, taking lessons, and transcribing. I don’t buy that getting...
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    Things you've not learned to do

    Whenever I hear people say something along the lines of not wanting to study music because it’ll box them in, how it’ll limit their creativity, etc, I try to play some of the Shaggs for them - a band of 3 teenage sisters who wrote their own songs and recorded an album 1968 without knowing much...
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    Polynome looks cool. My favorite metronome app is Time Guru. The streamlined interface makes it easy to use as a basic click. If you want to be clever, it’s also quick to set up clicks that reflect odd meter/groupings, changing subdivisions, silent beats/bars, etc...Intuitive to use after a few...
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    The importance of shell sustain real world applications?

    I wanted to address melody in drumming, even though it's not the main topic of the post. I think there's some misunderstanding of terms here. I don't believe anyone is suggesting that the drums are the most effective instrument on which to play the melody of a popular song. That absolutely...