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    Metronome app that speeds up and then slows down

    Hello I can't believe I haven't been able to find a metronome app that can be programmed to speed up AND THEN slow back down to the original tempo. There are some great free apps I use already and recommend (time trainer and pro metronome) but this feature seems hard to find at any price. I...
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    Strangely hard, easy sticking pattern

    An easy sticking pattern is is strangely difficult for me after several months of practicing it slow and controlled and pushing it up over time - compared to other things I work on I am seeing very little improvement despite putting the time in a focused but relaxed manner The pattern is this...
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    Dream Kit

    Mapex Saturn IV Exotic 6pc Drum Set Deep Water Ash Burl beauty - heard a set in nashville sounds as good as it looks way more modest than TB - I will keep the cymbals I already have and just add a splash and a china - pretty pictures linked below...
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    Comparing oneself to others (drummers)

    Had an interesting experience at a local fair/harvest festival. I am walking around the fair trying to tolerate the blended smell of animal feces and fried Oreos. I hear music coming from one of the stages. It's 80's power pop/rock with a female lead singer. They were ok and I listened closely...
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    library of classic bop drummers on the cheap

    21 Classic Bob Albums featuring drummers for less than $45 I found these CD sets for around $15 or less each on Amazon Great for those looking to get some emersion in Bop 7 Classic Albums: Art Blakey & Jazz messengers by Art Blakey & Jazz Messengers 8 Classic Albums - Max Roach 6 Classic...
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    Looking for the hyundai of BD pedals

    I need an additional single bass drum pedal. I'm not a gear head, I don't need the latest technology and the only pedals I owned until recently were the old Ludwig speed kings. I need a good performing reliable all around single pedal and I of course would like to pay as little as possible...
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    Overlooked instructional books/DVDs/CDs

    We have all discussed the famous 25 greatest drum books of all time. These books are famous for good reason and it's relatively easy to find out a great deal about them when considering their use. There are also some that are not on the list but still pretty well discussed on the forum. So...
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    Comparative use of forums.

    I've recently noticed that at any given time the traffic on the equipment forum is almost 80% higher than the technique forum. I'm sort of surprised. Are we that much more interested in stuff over skills?
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    Most inovative and influential drummers.

    I thought this might be thought provoking and interesting. The question is what drummers do you think are BOTH innovative (offering something new in their style/technique/sound/ etc. AND influential (meaning many other drummers have adapted the unique aspects of their drumming)? This is not who...
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    A fun and useful method for devoting independent coordination

    A fun and useful method for developing independent coordination I have always wanted to develop a higher degree of independent coordination but was bored to tears using 4 way coordination and New Breed. For me the books weren't too hard ( very hard but not too hard to learn slowly with very...