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    Albums You Hated - But Became a Favorite

    Just picked up the Trafalgar LP this week, such a great record!
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    PST 7- Are they descent for the price?

    completely agree. And as a happy owner of a set of PST 7s thins, I’d say they are decent period.
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    Jazz kit recommendations

    Yeah I can normally hear a fellow drummer from a few blocks away, not sure how that’s going to fly in an apartment. Even e-kits aren’t as quiet as the marketing claims (learned that the hard way from a downstairs neighbour).
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    Udrilled,virgin base drum pros&cons

    Was it DW who popularised the undrilled=expensive aesthetic? Totally get this line of thinking though, especially because there are some bad looking mounts out there (looking at you Pearl, sorry @C.M. Jones )
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    Jazz kit recommendations

    If you want a bop kit that’s also portable I;ve heard great things about the Yamaha Stage Custom Hip Or if you prefer a five piece set up then the Yamaha Manu Katche Jr is great (it’s what I use and my back thanks me every time I load in the 16inch kick).
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    Post your pre Covid gig shots

    There’s some amazing shit’s in this thread! I must say though viewing this as an Australian is a bit weird. Normally we’re super jealous of the overseas music scene and feel very isolated, but as someone who’s gigging again for the first time I feel ver fortunate to be into music in Aus but also...
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    Udrilled,virgin base drum pros&cons

    Thanks man. Good to be back!
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    What is your greatest drum related success?

    Hopefully still to come ?
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    Most beautiful drum tracks??

    I don’t think I saw it posted yet. One headlight, the snare in that is a thing of beauty all on its own.
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    Udrilled,virgin base drum pros&cons

    I it’s funny. I come down on the opposite side of this for the same reason. I like a drilled bass drum because I like the visual of mounted rack toms, but then I also play 2-up one down.
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    I haven’t been around much lately — completed EP

    I haven’t been on this message board for a couple of months. Life’s been pretty hectic! But pretty excited because yesterday my band launched the project I’ve been working on... our debut EP. If you’re interested and or have time, I’d love to know what people think! And I promise I’ll be around...
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    Some band promos we’ve been working on!

    Hey, so I’ve been a bit MIA in these parts lately— been really busy with uni and managing my band (live music is making a slow come back ?), but here’s some promo stuff I’ve been putting together for Instagram reels (it’s Instagram’s new feature that’s basically tik tok or if you’re old the vine...
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    Band member vs. cast member.

    I think that’s an interesting topic also, I do think corporate continuity is a different from i continuity, but there are definitely cases of Frankenstein brands I don’t like— Mini coopers v Morris minis is an automotive example of one such frankenbrand
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    Band member vs. cast member.

    This is the element of the “classic rock” scene or “legacy acts” or whatever that I detest. I have no problem with cover bands and tribute acts but this kind of licensed “official band” bothers me. It’s just a way of cashing in on brand recognition, I also think it robs younger performers of...
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    Sonor Sq1 (or birch in general) head choices!

    If ypu’e going for that classic rock low fat sound, Emperoros over ambassadors is hard to beat.