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    The Big Red Gretsch

    Those sound phenomenal, and really nice playing!
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    Sabian Announces Two-Week Soundcheck Program

    This seems interesting.
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    B8 pros

    I'm having a hard time getting past this bit and I'm just some guy reading about it. I can't imagine how upsetting that must have been for you. I realize those exact cymbals were irreplaceable—although what does "gone" mean in this context? Stolen? Missing? Destroyed?—but he did compensate you...
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    What's a piece of drum gear that you like the IDEA of having it, but you have reservations or simply no use for it?

    You and me both, friend. Right now they're only $23 per month (for four years) at Sweetwater. Absolutely no need for them. None. ...and yet...
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    Just an Observation

    I bought a...let's say "well loved" — although "beat to hell and then neglected" would probably be more accurate — set of Pearl Soundchecks for $75 a few years ago. Put new heads on top and bottom and they sounded great.
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    Just an Observation

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    Why is “White Marine Pearl” so popular?

    In general, I too am very much not a fan of wraps. But there are a few exceptions: (Both of those are from reddit user GOTaSMALL1.)
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    What ultimately made you decide on the brand of drums you play?

    Hey, that's (one of) my local shop(s)! My wife pointed out that every time I go in, even if I went for one specific item and I know where it is, I always stop and just look around in a circle for a second, just kinda taking it all in. All those kits so nicely set up...the rows and rows of...
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    RIP Jamie Oldaker

    Literally the first time, out of the dozens of times I've heard the two versions compared, that I've ever encountered someone who thinks that. (Including Eric Clapton.)
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    RIP Jamie Oldaker

    Here's a show he played with Clapton in 1985—it was the first time I'd seen EC, and there points during (the awesome version of) "Let It Rain" where you can see me! ...almost. You can see the row right in front of me. Story of my life. Watching this just now, I'm wondering if he's why I...
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    RIP Jamie Oldaker

    Well...dammit. One of my all-time faves, gone. His playing with Eric Clapton in the 70s, and even more so in the 80s, was a great combination of chops and taste and range.
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    Billy Joel Drummer Liberty DeVitto on His New Memoir, Making Peace with His Old Boss

    He always seemed like a really good guy, so I'm very happy to hear he seems to be in a better place these days.
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    How many of you drummers can play the guitar.

    I'm like Guitar George: I know all the chords...I just can't necessarily play them cleanly. But I once jammed with the friend of a friend who was a red-hot guitarist, and he frankly loved me, because I was happy just to strum the chords all night long, giving him a nice foundation to play over...
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    Things you learned not to do

    That's an abomination, my good sir, and I would never even consider it, and not just because I lost my Groucho fake nose and eyebrows spectacles.
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    Things you learned not to do

    CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. [ETA: well, I've now been banned from my local drum shop. But at least now I can report back authoritatively: 7. The last one was pretty sloppily done, though, since they were dragging me away at the time.]