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    Fibre skin heads

    So, do they sound like calf skin or just try to replicate the look?
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    my Slingerland kit

    My 1 and only kit; 40 year old Slingys. love em!
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    my new/old Slingys, all cleaned up!!!!

    Found these piled up in a Sam Ash around 3 weeks ago. They are the same kit I once purchased new some 40 years ago and sold after playing them for ~10 years. I've missed them and now they're back, Baby! This is how they look, after 3 weeks worth of evenings disassembling. cleaning, polishing...
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    I'm on a roll....

    I needed some brass for my new/old Slingerland set, recently picked up. I hunted the 'bay and grabbed a 20" A Zildjian medium ride and a 17" thin crash. They showed up yesterday. Beautieful sound and a nice patina. I'm quite happy with them. Today, a set of 70s 14" hats should show. I hope my...
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    I need hardware pack advice

    I just bought a Slingerland vintage '70 kit and need HW. I'm think $300ish and have seen the Gibraltar 5600 and the DW 3000 stuff. Comments, ideas, or anything else I should be looking at? Thanks,
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    help a comeback player pick (?)

    Hi! I played a Slingerland, Buddy Rich set w/ A Zildj. cymbals, all purchased new, back in the earlt 70's. I played them until bailing out and selling everything a couple decades ago. I'd like to get a good quality set to pick it back up. Help!? Can you point me in a good direction? I want...