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    Fixing left hand scoop

    Hi everyone, as pointed out from my last topic post (and is now evident to me) I have a "scoop" with my left hand, meaning my stick doesn't travel straight up and down but in a slightly oval path. I'm confused as to how to fix this... Can anyone help me? I really wan to fix this before I start...
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    (Beginner here) Please observe my technique! :]

    Hey everyone, so today I just started working on my single stroke roll. I've noodled for a while with the drums but skill wise I'm on a beginner's level so I'd like some critique on my technique so I can successfully learn to play the drums and become a skillful player. All comments are...
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    Time to upgrade my cymbals, but I need some help

    Hey everyone! I've accumulated a bit of extra money lately, so I've decided I'll put it towards a new cymbal or two. Here's what I currently have: - Zildjian A Custom 13" Projection Hats (meh) - Zildjian ZBT 14" Crash (awful) - Zildjian ZBT 18" Crash-Ride (also awful) - Sabian 16" Medium...
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    Miking a kick without a hole?

    (First off, very sorry if this is in the wrong section! If there's a better section for questions like this, please point me in the right direction. :] ) I'm doing sound for a band in an auditorium (ick!) and I'm miking everything up. Just for reference, here's the gear: - Gretsch Renown kit...
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    Storing floor tom

    Hi everyone, I've got a Gretsch kit that came with four toms (two rack 10 and 12, two floors 14 and 16). I only use the 10" and the 14" so I need to store my extra toms safely and so they're out of the way. I put the 12" tom in a big box wrapped in a towel and taped it shut so that one should be...
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    Cleaning drum shells?

    Hi everyone, I own a Gretsch Catalina maple kit and it's so great. However, dust/stick dust and fingerprints have accumulated on the outer shells and it's about time to clean them, so my question is how should I go about cleaning them? Thanks! -Grazzi
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    How do I know if I'm doing it right?!

    Hey everyone, I wouldn't classify myself as a newbie at all. I've been playing drums since I started 5th grade (got my first kit at the end of 6th grade), have taken lessons with a great drum teacher (they just didn't fit in with my busy life anymore :| ) and I can hold a beat and read rythms...
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    Need help choosing cymbal(s)!

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here. Anyways, right now I've got a set of the ZBT cymbals (13" hi-hat, 14" crash, and 18" crash ride). They served their purpose for about two to three years, but now they just sound god-awful. I recently got a new kit (a Gretsch Catalina Maple) and it's...