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    Coated vs. Clear Heads

    I decided to try clear on my snare for once:
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    Slingerland COB TDR snare!

    Do it! And get the Super Kick version for your bass!
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    Just had to pop in and say this is probably one of the most entertaining threads i've been to... :) I have to attend to my late night cappuccino now! See y'all in a bit!
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    Disappointed with Pearl Roadshow

    Glad to see things are getting better, my friend. I'm curious what kit did you order? Another Midtown?
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    13x7 Snare Drum

    I'd start with a new coated single ply head and go from there, (Ambassador, G1/UV1, Texture Coated)
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    13x7 Snare Drum

    I have a Pork Pie Patina Brass in that size, right now i'm running an Aquarian Texture Coated Single Ply on it (Similar to a Coated Ambassador), being a brass snare, it's pretty loud and aggressive so it works best medium-high. What shell material is yours made of?
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    Snare to complement my Acrolite

    yeah I agree, get both.
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    Pork Pie Copper Patina

    I have the 7x13 brass version, but copper is generally a darker and warmer sounding metal, meanwhile my brass is a little louder and more aggressive. Still a wonderful choice though, the patina finish is definitely the highlight of both our drums!
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    Evans heads- Advise pls!!!

    I'm using an Aquarian Hi-Energy, it's my new favorite! Does high and tight fantastically!
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    brass snare

    I have a 7x13 brass pork pie, mine is cranked as well because my particular model likes to go high, but i'm not that much of an overtones guy so once my aquarian texture coated head is done for, i'll likely replace it with a focus-x model
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    Show us your Sonor Hi Tech set

    What wood are the shells, my friend?
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    Pleasant gear surprises?

    I had an Aquarian Focus-X (Similar to a P3) on one of my snares for at least two years before changing, it was the first drumhead I bought ever and I just loved that thing so much, may have to get another one.
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    Gretsch Renown vs Mapex Saturn V

    :D...:)...😐...😕...☹. (jk, but i'd still go with a renown or saturn 100%)
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    Comprehensive Gear List

    Pearl Decade - 18x22, 16x18, 16x16, 8x12, 7x10 - Aquarian Super 2's on toms, Aquarian Reflector Super Kick on bass Snares: 7x13 Pork Pie Patina Brass - Aquarian Texture Coated Single Ply 5x13 Custom Bubinga - Aquarian Hi-Energy Clear (currently my favorite snare) 6x14 Custom Cocobolo - Aquarian...
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    What's your latest purchase?

    Here’s a demo of the paperthin, still unbelievable how low pitched a cymbal like this can be!