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    Kick, Snare & Hat grooves

    I made a video a few years ago of some kick, snare & hat grooves and decided to put another video up recently with some new ideas I've been getting some tips from the forum on...
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    Recording with a 2 mic set-up

    Hey everyone, Just a quick question for anyone recording with a 2 mic set up I have a 2 mic set up with a sennheiser e602 on the kick and a cheaper ribbon mic as an overhead. I'm pretty happy with the kick sound and the EQ I have on there, but I'm not sure where to start with EQ on a single...
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    Speed Cobra 310 problem?

    I'm having a bit of trouble with a Tama Speed Cobra 310 single pedal I bought recently and I'm hoping one of you may be able to help me fix it The issue is that the top of the footboard hits the wing nut that attaches the pedal to the kick drum hoop, before the beater hits the head. I've never...
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    The Positive Post Campaign - Mike Johnston A great message from Mike Johnston
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    My Hit Like A Girl contest entry

    Hey guys, I decided to enter the Hit Like A Girl contest this year. I was planning on doing a solo I'd written but unfortunately I couldn't record it, so hopefully I'll record the solo anyway and just put it on YouTube. Anyway, I entered a cover I had on my computer, it's E.T. by Katy Perry -...
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    Possible to convert a 12" tom to bass drum?!

    Hey guys, I'm just wondering if anyone has ever tried converting a 12" tom to a bass drum. We've all seen 16" floor toms used as bass drums and I've seen the odd 14", but I'm currently at uni and looking for a small set up to practice with that I can transport to practice rooms easily and...
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    Best placement for Zoom H2 recorder

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone had any tips on the best placement for the Zoom H2 when recording a drum kit. I've been looking at the Tchad Blake method of recording with 1 mic But I;m wondering if this method would make the zoom too close to the...
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    De Gregorio Yaqui Cajon

    Does anyone here have any experience with the Yaqui cajon? Is it recommended? I've had a listen on YouTube and sometimes the jingles seem really prominent in the sound and others you can't even hear them - does this mean the jingles are adjustable? If not is there a cajon around the same price...
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    Triggering EZDrummer without latency

    Hey guys, So I was advised by some of the forum's users to look in to triggering my Roland TD4 Kx2 kit into some software like superior drummer or EZ Drummer, I've been experimenting with the addictive drums demo software and really like it - I've decided I'm going to buy the EZ Drummer package...
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    Connecting Roland Td4-KX2 to computer -which cable?

    Hi all. A while ago it was recommended to me that I should invest in some drum software such as EZ Drummer or Superior Drummer to use with my electronic kit - a Roland td4 kx2. I'm trying to buy the cable I'd need to connect the kit to my laptop, but every midi to USB cable I find seems to have...
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    Roland td4 vs td9

    Hi all, I'm just wondering, what are the main differences between the td 4 and td9 modules? In your opinion, do you think that the td 9 is a good upgrade from the td 4?? -I'm talking about the module only - I'm pretty happy with my Roland electronic kit, but was thinking about possibly swapping...
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    New drum covers

    Hi all, I recently posted up 2 new drum covers, onto YouTube. I've been meaning to do it for a while but finally got around to it! - I posted my first cover on here just less than a year ago and got lots of great feedback. The main thing people seemed to be saying to me was that I needed to...
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    Locking in with the bassist (cd/DVDs?)

    Hey, Does anyone know of any CDs or DVDs or book packages that focus on 'locking in' with the bass guitarist? What I'm really looking for I guess, is something that has lots of bass backing tracks to practice to Does anyone know if anything like this exists?
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    Roland td 4 and cymbal choking?

    Hi guys, So I received my new Roland td4 kx2 this morning and absolutely love it, but I have noticed that the kit comes with cy12-c and cy-13r pads...which are (to the best of my knowledge) 'chokeable' electronic cymbals. I was wondering if the choke function of the cymbals could be used with...
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    Audacity or Zoom H2 help (splitting L and R channels?)

    Hi, Apologies in advance, I'm not really used to using Audacity or recording and don't know much about the program. So sorry if I'm asking a stupid question. I'm using a Zoom H2 recorder to record my electronic drum kit, when I transfer the recorded files into Audacity this is how the track...