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    20" Kick no power

    My Pearl SSC birch/kapur 20x16 is very lound with a clear PS3 batter and ebony Ps3 reso with 4” hole. Nothing inside, narrow felt damping the batter about 4” from the bottom. Tuned JAW but is louder when I go up another 1/4 turn.
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    20” Maple Custom bass drum sounds like a bop kick

    My Pearl SSC 20x16 sounds huge with a PS3 clear and a felt strip. I think they need the air volume to generate low end. But a 20 will never be a 22.
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    My favorite sticks

    Vater Session. Good balance for me and the tip seems to last and not chip. Nice tone as well.
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    Gretsch USA Custom Vs. Renown

    Don’t limit yourself to Gretsch. Look at pearl, Yamaha and tama. It’s a buyers market. Take advantage of it.
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    Selling a 2017 Pearl session studio classic drum shell pack

    Great drums! I have them in 12/14/20 with 14x6.5” snare. Love ‘em.
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    drumheads for lower volume and tone (no mesh please)

    Remo diplomats. Less mass less volume.
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    Awful Gig Offers

    Supply and demand. There are a lot of bands out there and not much demand.
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    Caution cleaning heads

    An obtuse contrarian?
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    Caution cleaning heads

    Dude, i like totally did, dude. Just play em and trash em and replace em. Once you hit em dude they aren’t new.
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    Caution cleaning heads

    Just play the damn things. You’ll change em eventually. Why waste time and effort on cleaning drum heads? Use that time to master your double diddle swiss flam para rolls. Right?!?!
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    Tama LST148 Big Black Steel or Tama DST1465 Soundworks

    I’ve tried both at a local shop. Almost left with the soundworks. Terrific value and great sound. Looks sharp too.
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    Why are some guitarists so hard to play with?

    Not all people who play instruments are musicians. But all musicians play instruments. For me, that is the difference. Surround yourself with musicians not guitar players.
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    I need help.

    Yes you will be hit with taxes. No duty as it’s made in Canada. Be patient, buy one that is in canada already. You will save a tone. PS a new AAX 20” ride goes for about 369 cdn.
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    Getting fired from the band

    In one’s life among friends and family I totally agree. But posting personal info on the internet leads to bad things. It’s no place for personal information.
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    Getting fired from the band

    Lots if great replies. Don’t let it get you down. These things happen for good reason. Soon you will find yourself in a better band. PS, as much as it helps to talk about your health issues, putting them up on the interweb will cast a negative bias on your image.