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    How come certain snare stands choke toms but not snares?

    I use Booty Shakers on my Yamaha snare stand to mount my 13” tom. They work great, they’re unobtrusive, and cheap.
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    Pergamon Cymbals - hit or miss?

    I’ve read numerous times on here regarding how much you love your Heartbeat cymbals, yet I can’t recall how you became aware of the brand and ended up with a full set. I believe they are also handmade Turkish cymbals; did you buy your cymbals after testing in person or did you put an order in...
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    What are Some of Your Favorite Sticks

    Vater 5B roughly 95% of the time
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    Who has the best most stable flat-base hardware…and GO!

    Sorry if I sounded condescending in my post; certainly wasn’t intentional. I have a large bank of Yamaha 700 hardware myself that I’ve used for years and years with no issues. Ideal ratio of light weight vs strength and versatility IMO. At any rate, glad to hear you found something that works...
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    Who has the best most stable flat-base hardware…and GO!

    So, you stated you wanted lighter hardware but ended up with stands almost as heavy as what you already had? I’m confused, but enjoy your new gear!
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    Discontinued Drums you really miss

    Yamaha 8000 series drums. I search the net weekly, and have cash set aside for when I find one that meets my criteria. If Yamaha would just start making them again, that would certainly simplify things for me. 13/16/24, natural finish, single tom mount on the kick. Fingers crossed.
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    Tom tree or VBD?

    I’ve been a 1up,1 down guy for many years now, and have no plans to change. My preference is to have a bass drum mount; however my DW kit features a virgin kick so I mount my rack tom in a snare basket. Not as convenient as the tom tree but I’m fine with it. Not a fan of flying toms from cymbal...
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    Yo what pedals are you guys rocking?

    After years of using high end pedals like iron cobras, dw 5000’s, etc, I am perfectly happy with my current cheap Yamaha FP 7210. Single chain, round cam, no baseplate, no frllls. I added the DW rocker bearing assembly (I think it was $6) and a Zoro square felt beater. Feels and plays great; has...
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    No longer PorkPieGuy

    This has me laughing out loud! Please go with this one!
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    First drumset

    Stopped in to see what people’s first kit was; stayed for the free English seminar.
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    Picked another one up

    I have the same kit Whipper, and I also got an insane deal on mine. A well made, pro kit that sounds great and doesn’t break the bank. Another cool feature you’ll find is how that finish changes it’s hue depending on lighting; the drums go from a flat black to a steel gray. Here’s a pic of mine...
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    To your Surprise

    A few things come to mind. First would be hearing a recording of one my first gigs. Thought I was this super chops hotshot; upon listening back, all I heard was a sloppy drummer that couldn’t keep time. Thought I was awesome playing all these notes, when in reality I couldn’t play a quarter note...
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    Kick pedal recommendations please.

    One tip for the Yamaha pedal- I replaced the cheap stock plastic rocker piece with a DW rocker bearing. Really made a noticeable difference in responsiveness. $5 upgrade that transformed this pedal. This pedal has become my preferred pedal; cheap, easy to find, plays great with the rocker...
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    What's your latest purchase?

    Wow, beautiful classy drums. Congratulations on rewarding yourself with such a fine instrument.
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    Gretsch Renown

    I really like my DW Design kit, but am experiencing a growing desire for a 24” bass drum (if for no other reason the larger kick drum would be more proportionate to my large frame lol). Have my eye on one of these and may just pull the trigger when my year end bonus gets paid out...