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    I know why I’m in bands

    My live rig consists of a small mixing board, in ears, and a metronome app in my IPhone. I have a channel for backing tracks input, a channel for monitor feed (vocals only typically) and I plug my phone in as well. Certain songs I use the metronome click for the entire song; for others I may...
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    best smartphone for drummers

    Best? Who can say. I have an IPhone SE; I have a metronome app called Pro Metronome that I use for practice and live work (starting tempos, but also playing full songs to the click to match up tempos with samples that our keyboard player triggers). Works just fine for me.
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    What's your plans with your current DW drums?

    I’m just a lowly, peasant Design series owner; not sure if I’m worthy of placing a vote in this prestigious thread.
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    DW 6000 bass pedal – might it be for me (and can you adjust the footboard angle)?

    I’m in the market for a new pedal, and the 6000 turbo is on my list. After playing an iron cobra for many years I began experimenting with some cheaper radius rod pedals I had laying around, and found I really preferred them for the lighter action and how they folded flat for easy transport. The...
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    More new drums! This just showed up on my local Craigslist. Don’t need it.... shouldn’t do it.... nah not going to do it... wait am I doing this? The wife... how can I fly it under her radar. Send her away to the spa...
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    More new drums!

    I might not be the first, but I think I may be one of the first Design owners on this forum, and sung their praises since bringing them home. To all of you newer, enthusiastic owners of these fine drums, I’d like to heartily say....YOU’RE WELCOME!!! Seriously though, the Designs are fine drums...
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    When do you retire a pair of sticks? (No breaks)

    Well, for years using primarily VF sticks, the wood tips would typically go well before the body of the stick was excessively worn. Once the tip was split, the stick would get tossed. I switched to Vater 5Bs 5-6 months ago, and am still on the first pair. Lots of home practice, multiple band...
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    Mapex Saturn V

    I found Glen to be a nice guy, but he certainly was over the top concerning Mapex drums and several other topics. He was up front about some personal issues he had, so I treaded lightly with him and tried to be supportive. Not sure if he’s still on this forum, but wish him the best and would...
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    New tools

    I’ve always admired the Yamaha kits from that era. Very well made, simple finish options. Utilitarian badges, protruding tom arms, 1 piece lugs. Great sound in spite of these so called flaws. I’m on the lookout for an 8000 kit from the early 80s myself, but I digress... How’s the bass drum? We...
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    Yamaha Stage Custom Birch Fusion Kit (Cranberry Red) | Sound Test/Demo | 20/10/12/14/16

    The kit sounds great....because it’s being played by a skilled player. Any drum or kit can sound great if it’s played well. It’s the archer, not the arrow.
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    Yamaha Stage Custom v.s. Gretsch Catalina Maple

    So the DWs have overtaken 1st place?
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    Pics of the new kit

    Apologize if I missed it, but what head are you using on the batter side of your bass drum? I’m a Remo guy for everything else, but running an emad with the small ring along with an Evans eq pillow just touching the bottom of the reso. I was rewarded with a very deep, punchy, fat kick sound at...
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    Pics of the new kit

    I do the same; Craigslist, Facebook, GC used section. I have 2 full sets of 700 stuff at this point, but could use a third. I’m on the verge of just ordering the pack. I’d be pretty well set for life hardware wise.
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    Pics of the new kit

    That’s all I’ve been using for years now. Wouldn’t even consider anything else at this point.
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    Pics of the new kit

    Ok. So, first pic was taken in my poorly lit basement. The drums looked black when I bought them, but to my eyes look even darker black in the basement. Second pic is from the gig the other night, where under stage lights they took on a steely gray hue.