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    My New Album Got A Great Review on No Depression!

    I’ve been a member here for several years. I don’t post a lot, but check in almost daily. I’ve played drums since I was 10 and I’m way more interested in drum gear than guitar gear- so I’m not just parachuting in to post this. As well as playing drums in two...
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    Yet Again- Please help ID Ludwig snare

    Thanks for the input so far. Here are some photos. As you can see, it's got a bit of corrosion. I'll be cleaning it up and installing new hoops this weekend.
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    Yet Again- Please help ID Ludwig snare

    Update: Yet Again- Please help ID Ludwig snare- Photos added Please see my newer post where I've added photos. I just bought a four piece 70's Japanese kit for $75 that includes a 6.5"x14" Ludwig snare. It looks like it's chrome over steel, with a keystone badge that says Monroe NC USA with...
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    Gigging With Two Drummers

    I've been asked to join a band who's repertoire is mostly Grateful Dead covers, although they're not officially tribute band. They have been playing mostly with two drummers and I'll be replacing someone who is leaving. I just downloaded all the songs in their set list. I've never been a big...
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    Anyone use a looper with their drum kit?

    I'm putting together a trio with a couple friends. Two of us play drums as well as guitar and bass, so I'm planning using a kick,snare, and hat and setting up loops to play over on some songs. I've messed around with a looper with my guitar, and it was clear that it takes a bit of practice to...
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    My Camco Refurb with pix!

    In December, I scored a Camco kit from Craigslist for $150. The kit had been in storage for 10-15 years and the guy just wanted to get rid of it. He also included some old stands with collar lock hardware and some Sabian AA hi hats and a 19" ride. The shells had been painted inside and out with...
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    My Camco Project-Pix won't post. Pls help.

    I want to post photos of my finished Camco refurbish but can't get the pix to post. I searched DW repeatedly for an answer before posting this. Honest! I uploaded the photos to Photobucket, then clicked the little yellow photo icon and pasted the URL where it says to. All I see is the URL...
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    Drums - the stage prop du jour (Grammys content)

    I'm half watching the Grammys, mostly to see Kacey Musgraves ( if you are a fan of good songwriting and feel like modern country music is suffering from a "bro"- verload, check her out) and saw the Imagine Dragons performance ,which featured numerous random drums all around the stage. That...
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    Camco restoration. Gaskets? Bearing edges?

    Several weeks ago I scored an undated Camco kit (12"/13"/15"24") with Sabian AA cymbals for $150. The kit had been sprayed with auto paint inside and out. So far I've cleaned the hardware, filled and sanded and primed the shells, and am getting ready to do a custom paint finish followed by clear...
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    Michael Beinhorn fires drummers.

    Came across this blog post over on The Gear Page wherein producer Michael Beinhorn writes about his reputation for firing drummers. What I got from it was two very valid points that really should be common knowledge for anyone aspiring to be a professional musician: 1- The drummer,and his...
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    Advice on Drum Wraps, Please

    I posted a few days ago about my CL score of a four piece Camco kit for $150 (also including a pair of Sabian AA hats and 20" Sabian AA ride!). The kit was terribly dirty as it had been in storage for 15 years, but now that I've taken it apart and started cleaning the hardware I'm finding that...
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    Craigslist Score! and Camco Question

    I was idly scrolling through CL on my phone while waiting for an appointment today when I saw and ad for a Camco drum kit for $150. Immediately, two things came to mind: "if it seems too good to be true, it probably is" and "at this price, someone will beat me to it" However, a couple phone...
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    THIS is how you sell a drum kit,at least, to a real man... CL content
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    Wood Hoop Ayottes- I have questions (and lust)

    I'm having a serious G.A.S (D.A.S?) attack for some Ayottes with wood hoops that I've found. I play rim shots a lot on both snare and toms. I have three questions for those that have played these drums. -how do rim shots on wood rims sound compared to metal rims to your ears? -do Ayotte's wood...
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    A Monster Groove-The late great Richie Hayward

    Just in case anyone is unaware of, or has forgotten about what a killer live band Little Feat was when Lowell George and Richie Hayward were with us. Here's L.F. w/ the Tower of Power Horns- Spanish Moon. Watch till the end when ,one by one, the band leaves the stage to reveal the monster groove...