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    Cymbal Center Hole

    I doubt it would become an issue. A few strokes with a round file of similar diameter would clean it up quickly. Or maybe emery cloth (or even sandpaper) wrapped around an old drum stick... Grombals are good for this situation, but I don't like to use them on 8mm stands, except for splash...
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    Unique sound from lotus gong.

    I looked at the Grotta Sonora website a little. They make some neat stuff. The gongs are a steel alloy instead of the usual bronze. One gong is called a "harp gong" - it has harp strings on posts mounted to the gong itself.
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    Who's unique and has cash... and, space?

    It's on Phoenix craigslist, $7500
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    Grapevine Fires - My first cover

    That is cool ... I remember watching McGerr's video on how he plays it, with a hi hat foot chik for one of the normally shuffled hi hat notes - I didn't catch on, but might try again now.
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    Tris Imboden here!

    I saw a tour with Chicago / Earth Wind and Fire maybe ten or more years ago, it was a blast!
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    Would you play gigs with it ?

    I'd reserve it for weddings and better paying gigs. There are a few bars where I wouldn't take a nice set like that. If I were playing more often and better gigs, I'd make sure my insurance covered damage. I used to play with a cellist / bass player who paid $75K for his bow - no idea what the...
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    What Would You Do? (Need Advice Here)

    Has it been longer than two months for the first deal?
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    What are the best snare heads for an 80's hard rock tone?

    Remo Emperors, CS dots... regular ambassador heads worked too. It's probably more about the drum and tuning, though.
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    DW 9000 pedal struggle!!

    Try a strap instead of the chain, and maybe a lighter beater.
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    Which Drums to Buy

    If it happened to me, I'd be looking at Tama Star, Gretsch, Inde, or maybe some really nice vintage drums.
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    Who's unique and has cash... and, space?

    The seller's North history seems a little off... the Italian-made drums were polystyrene and made after the fiberglass drums. But wow, that's a lot of drums. Looks like they would clean up nice.
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    Rumble with a front rack and 5 cymbals on it?

    I love these things: They will solve this problem, but they're not cheap.
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    And so it begins: Live Nation puts the screws to performers.

    Both, is what I was thinking. At least "its" wasn't spelled with an apostrophe!
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    And so it begins: Live Nation puts the screws to performers.

    Lol - they don't say "not pay the artist his fee", not her fee, not even their fee... "its fee".
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    Tung oil question

    Look into Birchwood Casey Tru-Oil also. Technically, it's more of a varnish than an oil finish but it does have linseed oil in it.