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    How many toms you got

    I have played with just two ( when I was just starting some 60 years ago) all the way up to six. I settled on two up and two down about 15 years ago and that is my go to, regardless of gig. Seems to work well for me and I would only change this if stage/set up space was very limited.
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    Outdoor gig rainout blues

    I was asked to fill in this Sunday afternoon for a outdoor show. A local sound/stage company will be handling that side so I am not sure if their stage is covered. Right now there is only a 8% chance of rain but, as we all know, that could change in a heart beat. The one thing that won't change...
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    Using one set of drums for playing everywhere?

    I have used the same kit for gigging for the last 10-12 years. Over the years when I was in multiple bands, I had 3-4 kits to distribute to where we would practice, so that was nice. Down to just 2 kits now. One is a practice kit kept at the rehearsal/music room of the main band I play in. The...
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    Anyone Have Experience Playing Drums After a Groin Hernia Repair?

    I had double hernia mesh type surgery about six years ago (I was probably 60). I was not actively gigging at the time but started light playing within 2-3 days; no issues.
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    One Year No Booze

    Congratulations Ryan! 31 years for me this month; as others have said, one of the best decisions I have ever made!
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    Double header - am I nuts?

    I have done it a few times over the years. Most times there was a little more time between gigs (and further drive times!). The last time was about three years ago. I was about 63 at the time and I didn't notice much difference stamina wise from the time previous to that. I was fortunate in that...
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    The Beatles - Get Back Documentary

    I still have one of those thrones that my dad got when he bought a new set of Ludwigs in 1966; you are so right.......not very comfortable or stable!
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    Street player Danny Seraphine

    Absolutely agree......politics!
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    Street player Danny Seraphine

    Three sides to every story.......I have heard/read all this. Danny has admitted he was not innocent in all this but.....neither were the rest of them! I heard multiple live tapes from his last year with the band; didn't notice timing issues that would warrant a firing. He is 71 now and still...
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    Replace a Famous Drummer to Make the Band Sound Better

    They did replace him and the band has never been the same! Of course, after Terry Kath died and he was replaced, they were never the same either!
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    List of 500 top drummers

    Obviously, I am missing something others have said, I am generally not a fan of "best list" but for kicks and giggles, where is the list of 500??
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    Danny Seraphine

    That is very unfortunate! I never had much contact with him while he was still with Chicago, even though I attended every concert they had relatively close to me from as far back as 1972 (While he was in the band). I have had many interactions with him for the last 15 years or so. Every time, he...
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    The History of Chicago

    Too bad the sound quality is not better; they are a killer band! At this show, former Chicago guitar player (who came in after Terry Kath died) Donny Dacus was sitting in. Long time keyboardist and singer Bill Champlin was with the band at this time, as well.
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    Best Cover Ever?

    I'm A Man - Chicago
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    Songs With the Bands Name in the Lyrics

    Chicago- Artist Take Me Back To Chicago- Song Chicago XI- Album