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    Are there any high-quality recordings with calf heads?

    I believe you are correct here and when he returned to playing he initially used the Fiberskyn type heads. I saw him about a week ago in Ocala with his band CTA; he still plays with such passion and he has a great group of players in that band!
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    drummer sues to keep his place in the band

    Danny is still playing extremely well, even at 71! He never lost his chops; just the political battle within the band! I will see him and CTA in Florida in a few weeks (probably the 6-7 time I have seem them) ; he always plays his heart out and they have some world class players in that band!
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    Defining "Feel"

    Steve Gadd
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    50 Greatest Drummers in the The Hall of Fame

    Also forgot Danny Seraphine!
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    Same Name, Different Song

    In addendum to the addendum: Mother - Chicago Hold On - Sam and Dave Lady - Commodores/Lionell Ritchie
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    Who Knew? Kiefer Southerland Band

    He is/was married to Terry Kath's (original guitarist for Chicago) widow; maybe that got him jump started??