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    Attack - Sustain - Decay - Projection

    I like to watch the simple model of a vibrating membrane. Watching a cymbal vibrate in slow mo equally fascinating. The resonance we speak is technically sympathetic resonance isn’t it ? the force from batter resonates reso head...
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    Article - Carmine dishes on getting fired from Ozzy's band.

    I think Black Sabbath's strength is they lasted long enough they actually gained in popularity from their initial cult following. Ozzie becoming a TV star seemed to help-who doesn't enjoy him staggering around.
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    Vinnie Colaiuta

    You mean the Great Vinnie- who can ply anything. Right. LOL
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    New Drummerworld Group on Facebook...

    I don't think others see your connections-lord I hope not-some of the people I've friended are nuts. Since I started I'm not seeing any evidence of that-just the same batch of nutty people, family and friends. It's a constant barrage of excellent drumming, new, old and in between. There is a...
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    New Drummerworld Group on Facebook...

    If you just use a cell phone or log on to internet there is no "wall" that can really protect you from prying eyes of our Govt or others. Seems you would have to isolate yourself from any cell phone or internet use to avoid prying eyes. I understand why entities motivated to censor but censor...
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    Are you still happy?

    Scientifically masks were a quagmire during first SARS and has continued to be- hundreds of thousands of articles on subject from 1930’s. Masks have been directly tested by different methodology and then the real issue of testing people wearing and using. The studies are all over the place, I...
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    New Drummerworld Group on Facebook...

    I think the terms of service here is the rules. Johnny don’t make them just one enforcer of them. He’s a nice man that gets no reward for just enforcing rules that some see as a villain. All administrators super nice! Why I’d never be an administrator. I’ll warn you the rules always stand and...
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    What are you doing right now?

    Man “the off topic lounge” issue pops up again . I think we need a FAQ after over a decade of issues. There’s has been a bunch of problematic threads . Maybe just delete it? It has also been source of most bans or people getting angry and leaving.
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    New Drummerworld Group on Facebook...

    Bernhard DW is the best internet site I’ve experienced. And the FB page just phenomenal. Thank you, Thank you , Thank you!!!
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    What are you doing right now?

    Well it’s not a democracy and rules here reflect only on one person. Like Zuckerberg with FB makes the rules. We don’t have ads though . and I think a smaller percentage here are insane compared to FB ROFL.
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    What are you doing right now?

    Come on fellas - the slippery slope with rules. Don’t shoot the messenger. We need to learn to speak in code. I went “fishing” and that Fish was fantastic .Fishing does really improve my health -I’m so relaxed now. I’m having less seizures when I partake of Fish. That way if anyone is...
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    What are you doing right now?

    The county I lived was dry till long after I grew up and left home. The neighboring counties (that sold) and moonshiners made a fortune. It was really stupid for county and package stores right across county line.
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    Any advice for a first timer changing Heads?

    Changing reso head hard part really- so change batter side first so you can adjust tension whacking, it. then change reso head. Make sure you back off adjustment knob of strainer so when you put back on wires you can tighten straps, cord, or string . It’s a thin sheet of Mylar still so you just...
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    PDP Concept Maple vs. Sonor SQ2

    The most noticeable thing I see is price and that look 👀 on my face thinking WTF? But I don’t know If I ordered an SQ2 I’d buy it in bop sizes or maple. I don’t think I could bring myself to do it. Like the Gretsch Brooklyn bop I think I’d regret standard sizes. PDP, Sonor AQ2, Renown bop...
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    What are you doing right now?

    Yeah I was thinking maybe weed an exception. Really Johnny is right though it is a soft drug it is only legal in some States and still against Fed law so I guess we need to go by that since one state has legalized hard. There is to much patchwork so Fed law standard seems appropriate