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    Another dumb question: What makes a "great" ride cymbal?

    For me ride cymbals include the hats. With crashes falling under the accent catagory. Hi hats aside, I prefer a 22inch thin ride. I have had rock rides, 18,20,22 inch rides. Sweet crash/rides, heavy and light rides. I'm not a basher... so a light, thin 22" ride does it for me. Currently I'm...
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    Anyone clean just one side of an old old cymbal? I did...

    I bury my cymbals, sometimes for years. Flush with water, coat with Breakfree CLP.
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    Another dumb question: What makes a "great" ride cymbal?

    And some kits are tuned to sound like wet cardboard. Cymbals have to sound right, out of box.
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    Garden variety DW Maple shells. Deal or no deal?

    That is what I was asking. And it is what I would be looking for in a DW pack. Although my kit is a mix of mapes and birch. I prefer toms in birch.
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    Garden variety DW Maple shells. Deal or no deal?

    Keller shell DWs?
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    What's your latest purchase?

    A roll of Gaffers Tape, stick wax, new 30 wire snares, 2b and 7a freestyle firths.
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    What's a good brass snare drum you guys recommend?

    A hammered metal shell. Hammering counters overtones. Also cottonballs replacing those little foam pads inside the lugs to keep the springs from resonating. Hammered Bronze or copper would be nice too. I'm unsure if DIY hammering would crack the chrome on a chromed shell.
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    Drummer whose career you envy and would switch places with

    Any good band that splits the proceeds evenly. The Heartbreakers possibly.
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    Quality of drum shell - finest In your opinion

    A bit of compression, and projection, especially the toms.
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    Quality of drum shell - finest In your opinion

    Keller shells are great. Then I discovered birch toms So, i hybridized the kit, the bass drum and the 12" rack are maple. The 10, 13, 16 toms are birch. The snare is chrome over steel, which I'm still trying little set up changes.
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    "Longer" 7A drumsticks - suggestions?

    There's a copy and paste from the Vic Firth website on the American Classic "Freestyle" sticks.
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    "Longer" 7A drumsticks - suggestions?

    Vic Firth "Free Style" 7A, are a new design concept. They are 17 inches in length. YouTube Vic Firth to hear the conceptual explanation. I have 4 pairs and a light touch around the kit, so I'm not breaking sticks as a matter of course. If I use a heavier stick it is a 3A.
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    Round vs. Saddle throne?

    Good point! I use both, but the saddle is preferred for the kit, and the round is used on the conga/percussion set up. And although I never really thought about it, it might be movement as I move around a bit more on the hand percussion.
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    Ginger Baker undergoes Heart Surgery

    In case you haven't heard. At age 76 Ginger is under the knife for a major heart procedure.
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    Ask any drummer one question

    If you could ask any drummer just one question: Who would that drummer be, and what would be the question?