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    What's 1/2" longer than a 2B and made of Maple?

    Well, I don't know. Can you help?
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    Rick Astley anyone?

    I'm putting my reputation as a somewhat-contributive poster on the line for this one.
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    Let's see your DW snares with tube lugs!

    Sorry, wrong sub forum, but I was originally intending to use this thread for a different topic. I missed one detail that kinda caused it to unravel. (Get it...thread...unravel?)
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    Crashing Ride in the Zil A line?

    I have a medium 18, and it's not quite for the task, although it's quite powerful as a normal crash. For crash riding, I'm thinking a thin 19?
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    Tilty felts, Grrrr

    Does anyone else have this problem and/or a solution? All my felts have gotten lopsided, and now that I set up all my cymbals at 90 degree angles (don't panic-they're low, I can and do hit them with glancing blows comfortably) they all tilt all around at dumb amateur-looking angles as they spin...
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    Holy cow, SPAM!

    It just keeps getting crazier.
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    Feeling Free?

    I played Freebird in a band at a High School recently. Yep. On a mere 4-piece config.
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    New China, Revamped setup.

    As you can see, I like Neil Peart, and this seems to me to be the best way to get 3 up, one down and still have the rid right under my nose. I also like it because it's basically a 4-piece with some additives, and I gig with a 4-piece version of the kit, so there's some nice similarity there...
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    How does this sound to YOU?

    I have been working on my drum recording sound, and now that it sounds perfect on MY system to ME, I'd like to know how it sounds on YOUR system to YOU. Thanks!
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    Some rather indulgent single base on a cheapie PDP pedal...

    I play double bass, but you can't let the right foot get lazy!
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    Hitting your thumb with a stick...

    Has anyone else done this? It's worse than stubbing your toe!
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    Mystery Bass Drum

    Can you guess the size? Here's a clue- About 20 seconds in, it's joined by my 22, which has all the same EQ, compression, etc.
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    SetUpDate (Excellent.)

    New Setup. Drums- PDP FS red satin- 22x18 14x11 14x5 12x9 10x7 PDP SX natural Maple- 10x6 Mini Timbale- 10x4 Cymbals- Paiste 16" PST 5 thin crash Zildjian 18" A' med. crash Zildjian 20" A ride Sabian 10" B8 china-splash Sabian 10" signature splash (signed by Carmine Appice) Sabian 6" B8...
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    Arctic Monkees cover.

    Me and my band playing the fast part from Sun goes Down by the Arctic Monkees, warts and all, live in the basement. Comments?
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    Do you like Avril Lavigne?

    Join the Group! Guys (and Girls) That Like Avril Lavigne And Aren't Afraid To Admit It GTLALAAATAI. The big acronym is pretty much a rip off of, PEWFLADCC, but out all the mod-attracting contriversy.