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    heads for Gretsch Brooklyns

    Just canvassing any of the Gretsch Brooklyn owners out there to see what heads you're using on your kit, particularly interested to hear from folks with bop sized kits.
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    Promark Select Balance Rebound - anyone tried 'em?

    Just wondering if anyone has tried the Promark Select Balance Rebound model and what feedback you might have on them...
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    Yamaha direct drive hi-hat stand?

    I did a search and can't find anything here about these - just curious to see if anyone has tried one? Possibly the lack of info about them speaks for itself! I am a fan of Yamaha hardware though and have been leaning towards this stand, but would feel better placed to pull the trigger if there...
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    How many bands have you been in at the same time?

    So back in the day I generally would've been in one band that practiced 3-4 times a week, playing shows regularly (all originals). Occasionally I'd sit in with another band if they were drummer-less, or in short term projects, but my main focus was the one band. This was in the punk rock/either...
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    Whiplash Oscar win - will it spur sudden interest in "jazz drumming"?

    And the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor goes to the angry guy from Whiplash... Given that folks can be easily influenced (like when the Taco Bell chihuahua inspired everyone and their mum to go out and get a chihuahua - which they promptly dumped in animal shelters a few months...
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    new offerings from Craviotto

    Just noticed this on the Maxwell Drums website:
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    Rock N Roller carts - anyone using them?

    Hey folks, just wondering if anyone out there is using one of the Rock N Roller "Mini" or "Micro" convertible handtruck/carts to lug their gear around? I'm thinking of getting one, still deciding between the "Mini", which has a 500lb max load and the "Micro", which has a 350lb max load. Can't...