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    Yamaha Recording Custom Discontinued

    I just got an email entitled "Premier Snare Drum Launch" from Drum Center of Portsmouth. At the end of the email it say this: "And as a note to our Yamaha Drummers, Yamaha is Discontinuing the following lines. The FINAL date for ordering these drums is June 28th, 2013. There will be no...
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    Two Great Bass Players

    My band is having a hard time figuring out what to do right now. First of all, we're a cover band and for most of us, it's a hobby. A hobby that's becoming somewhat lucrative. Most of us are pushing 40 but our bass player who has been with us for about a year is only 23. He just graduated...
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    Drummer Without Hands

    Twenty year old Cornel Hrisca-Munn was born without hands, but that hasn't stopped him from becoming one amazing drummer.
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    Cheap Roland KD-7 Trigger?????

    I was looking around for the best price for a Roland KD-7 kick trigger to hook up to my SPD-S and stummbled onto this deal. Look at the first item (KD-7 for $114), then look second one (KD-7 &...
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    Repairing Roland SPD-S

    I should preface this post by saying that my SPD-S is way out of warranty. I bought it used off ebay and it has served my well (once I reloaded the factory install) right up until it was rained on (along with the rest of my cherished gear) at a street dance by band was playing last summer...
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    In Ears w/Click During Rehearsal

    So I’ve been playing in my cover band for four or five years now and for the last couple of those years I’ve had a Tama Rhythm Watch sitting in front of me with the sound turned all the way down. I’ve been keeping my eyes on the blinking lights for reassurance that I’m playing at the proper...
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    My New Snare Drum

    It was a couple of weeks ago I was looking through the scratch and dent inventory on and came across this Chinese OCDP snare drum. The description stated that the shell was cracked. There was no picture of the actual drum with the cracked shell. All they had was this stock...
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    New Hoops For My Old Drum

    I've had my Yamaha Maple Custom Absolutes for ten years now and they're still going strong. The one drum that I haven't used much is the 5.5x14 snare drum that I ordered along with the rest of the kit. It's just never been my favorite snare drum. Being only six plies, it chokes when tuned up...
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    Tama Rhythm Watch Mounting Methods - HELP ME!!

    I need some help here. I've had my Tama Rhythm Watch for over ten years and have always had it mounted on an old Ludwig straight cymbal stand. Ever since I got my Yamaha Hex Rack, I've been trying to find a way to mount it using one of my clamps and a short boom arm. I can't seem to find a...
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    I have a 6.5x14 Black Beauty with die-cast hoops. I rim shot on the back beat all of the time and I kept having issues with lugs detuning on both the top and bottom. I can't seem to find the thread on here where I originally heard about Tight Screws but I need to thank whoever mentioned them...
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    Noisy Trousers Create Jeans Beat

    Not very practical in my opinion.
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    My New Ludwig Black Beauty!!

    Yesterday, I was on Musicians Friend looking through their scratch and dent stock. The good stuff that gets posted doesn't stay on there long so I had to jump on this the moment I saw it. It was listed as a "condition 4" (needs work to play) item. They added that specifically the resonant...
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    Pro Kit For Under $2000

    I've been playing for a church band every two weeks for about three years now. It's been a pretty enjoyable experience even though I don't consider myself a religious person. They have a set of Roland VDrums which I've been playing this whole time. They are a great solution for low volume...
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    Running Sound From Stage

    I personally see this is a last resort. In my opinion it's always best practice to have a sound guy out front listening to what the audience hears. I can see the point of view that it is cheaper not having to pay a guy to do that, especially if you own your own sound gear. How do you know...
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    20 Reasons Why Musicians Get Stuck at the Local or Regional Level I found this article pretty interesting. Check it out.