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    Sight Reading help please

    Hey guys! I have a few university auditions coming up. Pretty basic stuff... Rudiments, styles, songs, jams act. However, there will also be sight reading components that I am extremely nervous for. My reading skill is decent. Nothing to spectacular, but I'm solid in reading rhythms...
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    Universities and Music *sigh*

    Senior year. Time for college apps. Ugggggggh. At this point I am fully committing myself to studying music and pursuing it as a career. What are your guys' opinions on university for an aspiring musician? I've been spending time looking for universities that have great RELEVANT (key word...
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    Nashville and College...

    Senior year... Ugh. Already sick of college applications lol... Anyways, I'm pushing for a career in music, and I already live in L.A, so it would make sense to go to school around here and work on building connections in L.A... But I'm also looking into attending a university in Nashville...
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    Is the music industry dead or dying?

    Stumbled upon this article a bit ago... Found it extremely interesting and even a bit disappointing aha... But enjoy as much as you can :) - Jake
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    Why is it so hard for the band to follow me?!?!

    So my worship leader makes me play along to a metronome live during rehearsals and services... Which I have no problem with since I only ever practice at home along to a met.. But there's just one problem... The band doesn't know how to follow a drummer! Ugh it drives me insane! Usually I just...
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    Baked Potatoe in Hollywood- AWESOME VENUE

    Thought I'd share my musical experience from last Friday... Went to this little place in Hollywood/Studio City last Friday called the Baked Potato with my dad... Was just a tiny restaurant/club/bar with a nice little sound system and stage... Oh my was it incredible :o Michael Landau, on...
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    Anyone know of any good teachers in L.A or Orange County?

    I really need to start taking lessons again... I'm so much more motivated to practice when I'm studying under someone aha... Anyone know of a great drum teacher around L.A/Orange County? I'm looking to really improve on my jazz playing/ideas and left stick control... Thanks, Jacob G.
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    Advice on finding new musicians, bands, opportunities, ect?

    So the band I've been playing with since last May broke up several days ago... Personality differences, stylistic differences and just an inability to get along tore us apart in the last few weeks.. Anyways, bottom line is- I'm band less at the moment. Though not necessarily a bad thing, I...
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    I've discovered... JAZZ :D

    So obviously I've listened to jazz.. I've heard Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa, ect... But I've never before taken the time to REALLY LISTEN and appreciate jazz for what it is... The other day my friend jumped into my car and turned on 88.1 KJazz and I can't stop listening- I feel like a whole new...
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    Can someone give me a quick rundown on woods and finishes?

    I'm looking into purchasing my first custom drum set... And I recently realized that I don't have the slightest clue about different woods and finishes and how they affect sound :o Will someone be kind enough to give me a little run down (or post a link) that talks about the different types of...
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    I have an issue with my double bass pedals... Can anyone help me out?

    I have a DW 7000 double bass pedal.. I love it :D Problem is, I cant clamp it to the bottom dead center of my kick drum if i want both beaters to be split across the center of my drum... If I clamp it bottom dead center, my right beater is in the very middle of my drum while the left is...
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    Ports? Number and location?

    I'm sure there's plenty of threads regarding this topic... But i wanna have some fresh opionions :) How do the amount of ports and their locations on my bass head affect my kick drum's sound?
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    How do you go about learning songs?

    I'm talking about when you have to learn a song for an audition or a gig- not just for your enjoyment's sake haha.... How would you go about learning a song for an audition or gig? I usually listen to it(them) obsessively for a few days before I need to perform it, take a few notes on key...
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    For some reason this thread seemed out of place under the gear section of this forum... So I'm posting it here... Will somone please enlighten me on the concept of earplugs? I use skull candy earphones as my ear protection for practice and gigging.... They "seem" to work just fine.. Lol...
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    Why does my playing FEEL different during a gig?...

    So I realized something the other day... During my bands last gig, I realized that everything about my technique and the way I was playing just felt different compared to when I'm in my practice room... I don't know how to describe it better than that my feet and hands didn't feel the way they...