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    Evans: What does "genera" mean?

    I have a Tama snare that came with a Tama-branded "genera G1 coated" head. Is this just a plain old G1? I was always under the impression that "genera" didn't really mean anything, and I've heard people here say that too... But looking at the Evans site makes me question this. The only "genera"...
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    Too much talent in one room... I mean like... What if there was a fire or something? That's just putting too many eggs in one basket. Wow.
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    Hoop out of round?

    I picked up a new 14" Chad Smith snare last week. Tonight I noticed that an o-ring wasn't sitting flat, and measured the lug-lug diameter and noticed that at one point there's a 1/8" difference (on both batter and res sides). The shell itself looks good, a perfect 14" all the way around. Is...
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    foot pain after using e-kick pad

    I got a e-kick pad last night (Yamaha KP65, rubber pad) so that i could practice foot stuff more often. After using it briefly I started noticing a slight pain in my foot, like towards the front just behind the main big-toe joint. Feels fine now, but I'm worried that continued use could do...
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    Alesis RealHead Kick Pad

    Anyone try one of these? I'm looking for a relatively cheap (ie not a Roland), realistic-as-possible e kickpad for practice when the wife is home, or late at night. This one looks about right, but I'm worried that it maybe too loud (given that it actually has a mylar head). Haven't seen one at...
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    Is this phrasing?

    I've always heard people talking about "phrasing" on here, but never really understood what it meant (despite trying to look it up. i just don't get it). I've been working on the bridge to "Zero" by Smashing Pumpkins and I think i'm starting to get it... The pattern is basically (4/4, 1/8 notes...
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    Bass Drum hoops going out of round?

    I have a new Tama Rockstar with wood BD hoops (poplar I think). Last week when I was changing the batter head I think I noticed that the hoop was sitting unevenly on the head. I evened it out as much as possible, but then when tuning it seemed like 4 of the rods needed to be very tight, while...
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    Finale Songwriter 2010

    Does anyone use this (SongWriter, not the full version or NotePad)? I'm considering buying this to write out little exercises for myself, and for when I start transcribing (just drums for the most part, but I may get back into guitar at some point too). Are any major features missing that bug...
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    Hi-Hat/Left-Foot questions

    Hi All, At fairly happy with my 3 way independence at this point, but my left foot is clueless so I'm currently working on that (using various exercises from books) and had some questions. 1. When I set out to learn drums (last week) I told myself that everything I do I'll do with a metronome...