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    Bosphorus master Vintage weight

    You can really drive yourself into the ground with thinking too much about this one .. I'll wing it and see what's up . Thanks guys :)
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    Bosphorus master Vintage weight

    Hey all ! I will be buying a 22" master Vintage ride soon ( previously had 21" ) online . There are videos of how each weight sounds but this is very much influenced by the room the cymbal is played in , so it's difficult to make the decision (since it is all online, not many of those where I...
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    Thanks for the input :) I like those dark crash/rides
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    Hey all ! I'm in a pickle , I've just sold all my Murat Diril Mosaic line in order to purchase a new set . I've settled on a used nostalgia 22" 70's sizzle ride and 61st anniversary vintage hats 14" I feel this ride has a nice ping but also a very nice spread especially with the rivets ( the...
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    Premier heritage bop Vs Artist birch

    Hey all ! So I'm selling my larger Tama for a smaller bop kit . I have always preferred the 18" bass drums . I'm torn between these two drums . I found an artist birch made in UK from 2001 for about €450 . 18 , 10 , 12 , 14 , 14x5. I love the look of the heritage bop . 18 14 12 14x5 . In...
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    Agop, Artisan, Traditional, Dream Bliss

    Hey everyone. I have decided to make an investment into my cymbal set. Ive been knocking around with various Istanbul agop sigs, bosphorus master vintage, zildjian etc for years. Now I want to create the perfect set for what I play with no compromise . The Istanbul sigs were a bit too dark to...
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    Drum Lesson Advice

    Hey everyone. It's been years since I've been on here. Lots of traveling and playing. I've settled in Spain and relatively solidified myself in the scene in my city. I have taught Cajon before in Ireland a bit but not in any professional way. I keep getting approached to give lessons, so I'm...
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    Caramel by John Grant Now I'm not a pianist by any right, I just learn the odd chords, and learn songs i like by ear or watching people playing them on youtube. I really love this song, but I can't seem to figure what notes he's playing in the left hand in...
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    Moving to Montréal

    Man I haven't been on here in a while... Anyway, think I was last on here when I was applying to Music colleges around the states and canada, most notably William Paterson ( some might remember I posted a recording or two on here for evaluation!) . I got injured before I was to finish recording...
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    Good glitch beat songs, or even better, drummers?

    I've heard jojo mayer talk about it, and I'm into guys like flying lotus. And i think I'm at the level where I should explore this stuff. Know of any drummers, or dj's who do it a lot? Now, by glitch beats I mean where bits are behind the beat, where it is just quantized " wrong"...
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    Some band troubles....

    A few months ago I joined this pop rock band. Not my style, but I wasn't doing anything else at the time. After some time, the leader has invested and gotten like 10,000 euros worth of equipment and is putting in 16 hour days. He is in his 40's very passionate, and he knows this is his last...
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    Cutting a cymbal and using it on a snare?

    I've seen jojo mayer play with the diameter of the snare drum covered by a cut off cymbal. Just the outside layer, maybe 2 inches or so in width. Has anyone else done this? Great sound off it! Really fat, would love to try it but it looks hard to pull off! I'm guessing you'd get a normal...
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    Yoga and tendonitis

    I remember seeing Phil Maturano talking about how yoga can improve tendonitis. I am wondering if anyone has tried this. Now what I'm on about is tendonitis in the wrist. I have had it for 2 years, but finally all pain and any bad feelings have gone. But I had it for a long time, it obviously did...
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    vintage slingerland auction Enjoy! If you have any questions, feel free to ask
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    Internal muffling on gretsch stop sign

    Can someone tell me how the internal muffling works on stop sign badge kits? I think that you use the silver circles nest to the logo on the toms, but I'm not sure. I'm thinking of getting two stop sign badge toms along with a round badge bass drum. I haven't heard great things about the...