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    you can only pick two snare drums...

    i will take my supra to the grave.
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    I’ve gone and done it. No more suspended floor toms!

    i think it’s my profile pic
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    A different perspective, I suppose

    1.6 if you’re red bull
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    Cymbal pack

    check out the zildjian K pack with the 14/16/18/20 medium cymbals. the K country pack is my favorite out of the zildjians, but it isn’t exactly perfect for me (i have different preferences) but it would work. or Sabian HHX, any pack.
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    NU-X DM1 - Cymbal expansion

    i wouldn’t spend any more money on pads, i would start saving up for an actually good kit from a reputable brand. i don’t think anyone here has heard of NU-X and it is 100% another generic medeli made kit. why invest more money into something that is less than ideal when you can save up for...
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    Seating in front of a kit for the 1st time (Alesis Nitro Mesh), total beginner question

    yeah but where’s the fun in that, practically like playing on pots and buckets.
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    What's on your "wishlist"?

    blue sparkle classic maples in downbeat config. actually, thinking about it i think i could also settle down for a USA custom in the same finish and sizes.
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    thank god. Thought the forum collapsed for lack of funding.
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    last thing i saw before the site went off was a post by gruntersdad asking for 300 bucks urgently... don’t know if it was hacked or the site has financial problems?
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    Got some newfound love for the BD tom mount

    why not the absolute hybrid maple from yamaha? or the tour custom? hell you could save more than a thousand bucks by going with a stage custom and that still has the same lugs and mounting system as the live hybrids. difference is in the kick drum legs and hoops. i agree with many when i say i...
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    Where can I practice on a makeshift drum kit?

    find a storage space and set up a real acoustic kit
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    Pearl 75th Anniversary

    I mean is there really a difference... I'm never going to buy an acrylic kit as a main kit since I don't like see-through stuff and the visuals are just not for me. I just think that for what they are, Vistalites are massively overpriced. Crystal Beats just on the limit of what I'd pay for an...
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    Suspension mounts & floor tom legs - Sound influence

    I use Yamaha YESS mounts and I find them the best. Not the longest sustain, but who actually wants drums to ring forever? I can position my toms how I want and the tom holders from Yamaha are rock solid. Personally I don't really care about floor tom legs. They all do the job and I absolutely...
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    Purchased a DW Design Series kit recently

    With painted hoops it would look just like a collectors. Nice kit, was considering getting one but couldn't find any good used offers.
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    Pearl 75th Anniversary

    or maybe pearl pays more than gretsch