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    Pleasant gear surprises?

    During one of my trips to Steve Maxwell's Illinois shop last year, I found a 16" crash. No stamp, no ink, a little dirty with some tape residue, fingerprints. The sound was quite surprising, a little trashy/complex but still provides a full, warm crash that sounds larger than a 16" should. They...
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    Actual Moeller drums being played at the inauguration!

    How cool! Thanks for sharing!
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    Are you still happy?

    Great thread here folks, I think we're all just trying to carry on. I always tell people I'm lucky to have an indoor hobby. My job (building maintenance) has been uninterrupted, my wife (manicurist) has been stop/start with all the social distancing protocol. As for the masks, no problem. Really...
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    "Wide" jazz ride pattern?

    Ed Soph explains this beautifully...
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    New Kit...Gretsch New Classic

    Beautiful drums, congrats!
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    Cascio Interstate Music News

    Well that stinks! Sign of the times I suppose. I've got some real good deals over the years.
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    LM402 ring

    I was one of those people who never really gave any thought to removing the lug gaskets...until I tried it. Now, the difference isn't night and day but there is a difference. Supraphonics are lively drums and there is some inherent ring or overtones or what have you. I did this to my LM402 and...
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    Snare Wires / Importance.

    I'd like to recommend Tama's Super Sensitive Hi-Carbon Snappy wires (model # MS20RL14C). These are stock on all their Star and Starphonic models. They are by far the most sensitive wires I've encountered having experimented with Canopus, Fat Cat, Puresound and the German wires from Drum Factory...
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    About Gavin Harrison Technique

    I'd say just measure the vent then take a trip to your hardware store, plenty of nylon/plastic tubing there. Nothing drum-specific about it, just experimentation.
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    About Gavin Harrison Technique

    It's a plastic tube in the vent hole of the floor tom. You can see him place the tube in his mouth at 2:10, he's simply blowing air into the drum. Benny Greb did the same thing at the Chicago Drum show except he actually got on the floor and blew right into the drum.
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    Recommend some drummers that are not yet on drummerworld

    Love watching this guy! Daniel Dufor...
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    Short video of the USA Customs

    Beautiful drums 8Mile! They sound and look wonderful, enjoy that great Gretsch sound!
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    What are your drumming (or musical) mottos in life..?

    "Jazz is not taught, jazz is caught." My wonderful high school jazz band director said this. I'm not sure what the origin is, if anyone knows please pass it on. Over the years, this obviously not only applies to music but to life in general and I always thought he meant it that way.
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    Sudden onset of difficulty playing double pedal. Please help, losing my mind!

    I'll agree with others have mentioned above, there are many factors involved. It's real easy to freak yourself and we've all been there. If your pedal settings haven't changed very much, evaluate your bass drum heads. I was going through something similar recently - one day I'm flying (single...
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    My new Gretsch drums

    Congrats! You are going to love those drums! I picked up my USA Customs a couple years ago. It's well worth the wait, wonderful color choice as well!