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    Killing Goliath Live Set (first live recording ever)

    Hey guys, long time no see. I find that I'm nowhere as much on this forum as when I first started drumming almost seven years ago, but I still hold everyone of you in high regard. I've learned so much here, and still today nuggets of wisdom I've found here are popping up in my memory...
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    Review request: right hand ride playing

    Hi everyone! long time since I posted something because I've been rediculously busy with a lot of things (including becoming a father). But since you have always provided me with the best advise I come to you with my current challenge. I've been playing in a hardcore band for a year and in 3...
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    Sabian Vault prognosis

    Does any of you drummers know what the prognosis is for my most beloved 18" Vault crash? I forgot to put a screw on top of the cymbalsleeve this morning so the crash had direct contact with the metal for a few songs. It's sound is not affected yet, but will it crack any further?
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    Nice pictures of my DJ Drums

    The weather was great today for outside photography, so I pulled out the DJ Drums in a 4 piece config. Specifications: Maple Reinforcement shells, White Wolf Sparkle finish 22x20, 14x13, 10x8, 14x7 14" New Beats 16" Turkish Rock Series Crash 20" Hand Hammered Medium Ride Eliminator Single...
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    Custom floortom conversion

    Hey guys, I've always wanted to be able to play my 16" tom as a kick if the situation would ask for it. Now I found some stuff on the internet that converts those toms for you, but they are all rather expensive (like this one). I could do it cheaper than that offcourse, so I made a sketch and...
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    Yehya Khalil

    Anyone know this drummer? I just found out about him on Youtube, and I really like his playing. Check it out: (starts @1:42) (starts around 2:00)
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    Creative setups

    Hi guys, since I've recently purchased a 7 piece drumkit I've got a lot of extra options to set up my kit. I'm running the usual 8,10,12 rack and 14,16 floor tom to the right at this moment. I used to play 2 up 2 down, but since I have an 8" that doesn't work any more. I want to keep using the...
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    A New Kit!

    Dear Drummerworld, just as a teaser one picture of my newest love. Just picked her up and I have bandpractice tonight, so I'll am going to make pictures there. All the details will come soon. I can only say one thing; Mike Portnoy played it ;-). Aydee: Ever since 08-02-2007 your kit was...
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    Last months rollercoaster

    Hi guys, since some of you have already noticed in this thread I am the drummer for the band Scott. First of all I would like to say THANK YOU DRUMMERWORLD, because without you guys here on the forum I would not be the drummer I am today. Since I only started drumming three years ago I am...
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    Drummerworld: meet SCOTT!

    Hi all, I am so excited, since today my band is finally online. We've got a videoclip and a website: Please tell me what you think and send it to all your friends if you like it! Thanks!
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    To be great in the UK

    Who has to write about you? What websites are popular, what newspapers, magazines and radio diskjockeys should know you? Theoretically (is that a word?) speaking, if you wanted to create a hype, who would be able to iniate the hype. Who's opinion matters in the UK? Just some questions I hope...
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    Finally: new cymbals!

    I have made an awsome deal last friday. I finally had the money to buy good cymbals and replace my Pearl 16" crash, 20" ride and my Paiste 302 14" hats. Talking about upgrade :-). I purchased: 14" Zildjian New Beat hihats (€150) 16" Turkish Cymbals Rock Beat crash (€100) 20" Sabian Hand...
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    my 'little' sister singing, me drumming

    I am the most proud brother alive right now: my little sister, she's 18 now, had to perform for her exams last week and she wanted me to drum on the song. It's all about her offcourse, and the song wasn't really a 'drum-song', but I am...
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    Reading music for beginners

    Last wednesday was my first drum lesson ever. I got a sheet with music at home now I want to learn to play. One measure confuses me though. It seems to me I have to play one-e-and-a two-e-(nothing)-a 3-and four. But, it could also be one e and a two e and 3 and four. Could you help me out...
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    My cooking gear

    Well, today I was cooking and needed a lid. Not big enough lids in the house though, so I had to get something else. Now it turns out that my 20" Pearl ride makes a great lid :-). Sounds like crap but does very well in the kitchen. Finally a good use for that thing. The food was delicious by...