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    Anyone NOT plan on playing out anymore?

    I won't admit this to the band, but, if we folded because of covid, I would have let it go - and not joined another situation at this time. Covid has done damage to my enjoyment of it all. Having said that, just last night, after a long outage, we had a venue reach out to us and book us for...
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    Easy survey on Drum brands

    Many years ago when I was taking a break from drumming and selling my equipment ... I hadn't played the kit in a while. I put it up for sale, and someone was on the way over. I played the kit and thought - what am I doing, this kit sounds great, and I'm basically giving it away. :)...
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    Easy survey on Drum brands

    Would: Pearl, DW, Dixon. Would not: none here. At any given moment, any kit from just about any brand is in contention. I think all the manufacturers are making quality stuff, and I'd be evaluating the particular kit, not the brand. Having said that, I would add that the support I have...
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    Found the secret to tuning drums!

    After lots of experimenting a couple of years ago, I found that tuning both heads to the same pitch yielded the best version of the tone I was looking for.
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    Found the secret to tuning drums!

    Purchasing a Tune Bot was the best little investment I ever made in my tone. Not embarrassed to say it does a far better job than me with ears alone. I have great tone - and it is the Same every gig.
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    Tama Cocktail Jam Mini

    I am always interested in small kits. And I generally think almost all the manufacturers get it wrong. Here are the two things I think are wrong with the way manufacturers approach it: - Allocating space for a drum diameter isn't a problem, and it is important to not skimp. In my book, for...
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    Beginning drumming...were you supported or not supported

    As a child, it took me over a year to convince my parents to let me start drum lessons. I was clearly showing a passion, and they made me beg a long time before letting me start. Once they saw I was serious, several years later they sprung for a very expensive Ludwig kit for me. #grateful...
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    Are you still happy?

    These have not been good times for me.
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    Chromacast Hardware

    I would be inclined to try it. I have multiple Chromacast bags that were very high quality for the price.
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    Last gig on drums for a long time?

    Well, it's done. We ended on a good note. Crowd responded and had a good time. I like the suggestion near the beginning of the thread. This is a good time to hit the woodshed and enjoy that. Stay safe everyone.
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    Last gig on drums for a long time?

    I just finished my warm up for a gig later - the last gig for our band on the books. Got a little depressing thinking that in all likelihood I will not have a gig on drums until next year, spring. Assuming the band doesn't go in separate ways because of all this. We caught a break with a...
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    Looking at the future...

    It has been interesting to see how different everyone's reaction to all this is. Frankly, I thought this was going to fold my band. Not too many weeks ago, the band email dialog sounded like no one was going to get anywhere near a gig. Then the summer came, and a couple of outdoor gigs...
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    Looking at the future...

    Interesting that you posted this. I posted this to another forum a few minutes ago, after a first return to live play yesterday: ___________________________________________________________ Yesterday, I had my very first gig since covid. It was an outdoor gig behind a brewery/restaurant on a...
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    Amazon sells fake sticks??

    Since the second pair were Zildjian, let me offer this up: I switched to a light, comfortable Zildian Super 7A Maple. I was occasionally having trouble finding it in stock, and I discovered Zildjian's own store. I have ordered twice from them. The price was good, and the sticks came...
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    Tony Allen

    Thank you Bernard. What a special player. Really glad I eventually discovered his playing.