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    My take on heavy funk, hope you like!
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    Has this ever happened to you?

    Very short clip of what happened to me at my last gig, enjoy :)
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    Here is my band playing Elizabeth Reed with drum solo included
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    My band playing a Peter Green classic.

    Let me know what ya think thanks! Might want to wear earphones instead of listening on laptop speakers :)
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    Did Derrick Pope pass away?

    Hope I am wrong. I seem to remember a while back that he was in bad health and now I cant find anything on him. His last vid on youtube was in 2009. In the last vid he had lost a ton of weight. Hope nothing bad happened because I sure loved his videos and wonder why he all of the sudden stopped...
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    Something I just don't get

    Is it just me or do these drum solo sessions where there are two or more drummers all playing at the same drive you crazy too? It looks cool seeing two or three famous drummers all playing at once but to me it gets old real fast. Usually when there is more than one drummer the air gets taken up...
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    An original song from my band.

    Hope ya like. I posted a video of someone else that I had watched on accident. The correct video of my band is up now. Hope yall like
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    The left handed aspect

    When I set my drums up left handed it's like another drummer is playing. When right handed I have a jazzy sort of swing in my playing. I can get all Bernard Purdie like, if needed but my soul is with the (Swing). When I set up left handed it's more of a Bohnam groove style. I am not as versatile...
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    Amazing double stroke roll!

    In another thread GRUNTERSDAD mentioned that he had not seen many drummers executing decent press rolls and doubles so it reminded me of an old video I came across and wow when i went back and watched it I was just amazed at this mans talent! Why wasn't drummers like this put up against Buddy...
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    What is your focus, Chops or Groove

    I focus on both because I think they both matter. Sometimes you need a Bernard Purdie groove to uplift the song and other times you need a Buddy Rich single stroke roll to push the song and lift the band up. Just depends My two favorite drummers are Bernard Purdie and Buddy Rich. I could never...
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    Does your gear HAVE to be the same brand or do you mix/match?

    I was reading another post and saw someone talking about that they are obsessive/compulsive when it comes to buying the same brand of gear so I wondered if others felt the same way. I am in the middle. Except for the snare, my drums (toms, floor tom and bass) have to be the same make, model and...
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    Atmospheric sounds using violin bow on cymbals upside down on Timpani drums

    The title says it all! Amazing spooky sounds!
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    Seinfeld & The Buddy Rich Tapes

    I ran across this and thought some of you might enjoy it. I never looked at the tapes in a comedic way but after Seinfeld gives his point of view it seems pretty funny. I love that line "you wanna go outside AND THEN YOU"LL SEE WHAT IT"S LIKE".
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    Stick goes flying and hits audience member!

    Ok anyone ever had a stick fly out and hit an audience member? Mine did in this vid but the guy was cool, You will even see him for a sec air drumming to my drumming lol how cool. He got smackedddd HARD and the stick went flying over to a table of drunks who started using my stick on their table...
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    My playing live, tell me what ya think

    This is me playing with a few bands and also a short drum solo. This community is just awesome, I have been coming here for years to read posts but only recently started posting on a regular basis. Anyways hope you enjoy and comments are welcomed both on youtube and here, thanks guys. 1...