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    Amazing - 11 yr.old Drummer Girl - Kanade Sato

    looks like a younger version of Senri Kawaguchi
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    Who Are The Worst Drummers That Are Good In Spite Of How Lousy They Are?

    I dont disagree...however, they are still being paid to play in well known bands
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    Who Are The Worst Drummers That Are Good In Spite Of How Lousy They Are?

    Id argue that while some drummers you know may or may not be great at what they do, they are still getting paid rather well for their services. F
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    IEM's help! Ultimate Ears UE 11 Pro, JH 11 Pro and 64 Audio A4t

    Seeing as Jerry Harvey (JH Audio) invented IEMs and founded Ultimate Ears (then sold the business) - Id go with JH Audio. I have JH16s and wouldnt change a thing. F
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    Hardest “simple” things to play on drums

    Playing 8th notes off time with my feet F
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    DRUMMERS, How do or would you handle falling off the click on a song with a backing track?

    Ive played with both, click/no-click. Its imperative to concentrate on the click and only the click when playing. If you start trying to listen to everyone else, you'll get caught up.
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    Brady snares

    Since the announcement by Brady that they were shutting up shop, it is impossible to find a Brady snare. I looked at all major retailers (Forks/Memphis Drum, etc) and there isnt one to be found. I was wanting to add to the collection, but it looks like every last one got snatched up. F
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    Evans v Remo - settle an arguement

    this discussion is going on in another forum: <<Its worth noting that the Evans product is fundamentally a cheaper SKC plastic(30%?), and has nowhere near the musical range of the Remo mylar product. I can't understand why anybody would put a cheap plastic used in mobile phones and fridges on...
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    Cart or carry?

    Just a quick many of you carry your gear into a venue vs. using a dolly or cart? I prefer the cart as my gear weighs about 750 lbs all told and it's a workout just getting it inside/outside. Lets hear what the collective thinks.....what say you? F
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    Thnaks for the great suggestion

    In an earlier thread it was surmised that due to the physics of thicker resonant heads you could expect a boomier sound if you used them in conjuction with your fave batter head. The G2 over G-Plus combo is DYNOMITE on my SQ2's. The factory heads really choked the sound out (a 5K kit with...
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    What a weird night.....a first!

    The band was playing really well last night and after the second set during our break, this drunk guy who I have seen at our other gigs shows up and proceeds to plant himself next to our soundboard. We go on for our third and final set and this jerk gets onstage in front of our guitarist and...
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    Gretsch Renown potential...

    I have the opportunity to trade my old Gretsch Catalina Birch 6 pc (4 up, 1 down, bass) for a Gretsch Renown 5 pc (3 up, 1 down, bass) for roughly 750 bux....sound like a good deal? The Birches have served me well and I dont need to give them up, but Id really like to move up the food chain a...
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    Unix Drums out of business/moved?

    Folks, Looking to purchase a stave snare from Unix and have contacted them via phone and email - no response. Anyone know if they are still in business? Have they moved? Phone number has changed from what is listed on the website. Advise F