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    Recommend some drummers that are not yet on drummerworld

    Derrick McKenzie from Jamiroquai
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    What are you listening to right now?

    This offends my musical sensibilities but I can’t stop (it’s not what you think)
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    Best Cover Ever?

    Jump - Paul Anka
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    Songs that mention other songs

    Not a direct reference but Zeppelin’s song The Crunge keeps asking “where’s the bridge?” which basically quotes every James Brown song. In fact I guess the whole song is a parody. (Aside: as good as Bonham‘s feel was, he could not play the funk)
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    Anything Ruin Music for You?

    Compression and digital music format. Yes obvious double edged sword here. Thanks to YouTube the selections are endless, which is fantastic. But I used to have big speakers and a listening room where I could really immerse myself. Because of the convenience of digital, I’ve kind of lost the...
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    The Perfect Movie

    The Dude Abides
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    'playing in the pocket'?

    So I guess the consensus is that AC/DC is pocket drumming. Is Nick Mason a pocket drummer? If not, why not?
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    "Reaction Videos"

    As a kid I remember countless days with my friends listening to records, introducing each other to our favorite tunes. It was a great feeling when somebody really ‘got’ a song that I love. Reactions are no different. The enjoyment of sharing a song, even if it’s virtual and with a stranger you...
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    The Song Every Drummer Tries to Play But We All Play it Wrong

    That isn’t actually Hirsh Gardner, it’s Tony Clifton.
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    Playing “around” the beat

    Not sure if this is the correct term, but I’ve heard drummers talk about playing at the rising or falling edge of the beat. I don’t mean constantly pushing the beat ala Copeland or laying back like Cissy Strut (or distorting the beat like J Dilla). You can clearly hear it in those cases. I’m...
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    Millenium(ish) Rock Drummers

    Derrick Mackenzie - Jamiroquai Danny Carey - Tool
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    Drummers Can't Dance?

    Yes it’s true but y’all are mixing up cause and effect. We choose to drum *because* we can’t dance :unsure:
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    Fave Live Albums

    Marillion - Real to Reel. Fish’s blistering, corrosive anti-sermon in the middle of Forgotten Sons is one of most powerful vocal performances I’ve ever heard Coltrane - Live at Birdland. Elvin Jones: Afro Blue Don’t really have a 3rd full album. I’ll just go with this halfway decent drum...
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Monsters - Blue Oyster Cult
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    Goofy or Silly Original Songs

    Self explanatory—