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    The Thrill is Gone

    Hi, just did this BB King drum cover to a drumless track. Verses are a little simple, but tried to get more creative on the breaks. Roland TD-1KV, not a bad little set for practicing.
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    Vehicle Ides of March Drum Cover

    Put this together with a drumless track yesterday, really like this old song. I'm semi-retired so am just enjoying playing for fun. I am surprised that I can get a pretty good sound out of my Roland TD-1KV with just a mixer and a recording deck.
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    Karaoke and new start on percussion

    Just thought I'd drop in and say hello - I think it's been almost 3 years now since I sold my drumset - it was too loud for my neighbors as I live in a trailer park. I've always played guitars and keyboards too and some singing, so I thought I'd give karaoke a try. I've stayed with that and my...
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    A couple of more old songs playalongs

    Here's a few oldies for you. I hooked up my Roland TD-6 directly into the CD burner again and the sound is not too bad except for the booming of the toms. Got to watch what you hit with the E drums as you can hear with the end of the first song, but it does assure you it was live. I'll get the...
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    Fishnmusicn playalong to an old song

    It's tough getting a good sound out of electronic drums, so the simpler the song is it's sometimes better. I love playing along to these old songs - just lots of fun. Using the GoPro Hero Wide camera, it gives a big view - camera is only about 3 1/2 feet away. Hope you enjoy. Fishnmusicn...
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    Two unsung drummers

    Burleigh Drummond, Cactus Moser - I'm probably a little older than some of you guys, but I could go back even further. These guys were (or still are) journeymen. Burleigh steady and interesting, and Cactus creative, complementing the beat with little flourishes. I'm sure you can come up with...
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    Do you need to be a good player to be a good teacher?

    I'm just wondering, I don't think it's necessarily so, but I think if you play well it helps. I responded to an ad on Craigslist for drum lessons just to see what the guy was about, lots of mention about using drum method books that were listed, the Moeller technique, etc., a very large...
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    Do you find you make this mistake?

    Since I've gotten back into drumming, I notice that I still have the same bad habit. Sometimes with my right hand - can be on the hi-hat or ride cymbal, I can stop playing on just the one beat where I'm hitting the snare, and it's not fluid eveness on all the 8ths or 16ths. It's something I'm...
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    Have you come to the conclusion that you're better at other things and you may suck?

    If so, did you get beyond this stage, and get better? I realize that I'm quite a bit better at composing music with keyboard and guitar. There really is not much pressure as you can wear your headphones and experiment and create on your own terms. I think I have enough talent in this area, that...
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    Using just one crash cymbal

    Maybe it's been asked before, but does anyone use just one crash cymbal effectively? One drummer that comes to mind is Doug Clifford with CCR in the original band. I've got my drums set up in my mobile home now in the corner of my bedroom, and I'm looking at space considerations and also...
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    Wanted some opinions on some used drums for sale

    I ran across these 2 sets on Craigslist and wanted to get any feedback - they're both great deals but would they be ok for gigs? The first is a Mapex. They look kind of funky but the price is unbeatable: and the second are vintage drums...
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    DTxplorer vs Roland TD6

    Hi, I just needed some advice from anyone familiar with these E kits and how they compare. I have a chance to buy a used TD6 and have tried out a DTxplorer at the music store. I liked the Yamaha a lot for the price, a fun little kit and sounded decent. I haven't heard too many negative comments...
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    Demo Song

    Unlike the other songs I posted, this is a demo and the drums were miked up so you can actually hear them this time. Any comments appreciated, thanks.
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    Audio from my playing days

    Here are some old clips from when I stopped playing 10 years ago. (Getting back on the train now) Wanted to get a general impression. Fishnmusicn
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    Can you identify these drums and how old?

    I posted on another forum about getting back into drumming again and I'm on a very tight budget. I found these drums (haven't seen them up close yet) advertised locally - supposedly Ludwigs. Seems like a great deal even if they are low end for only 150 bucks. But I was wondering if by looking...