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    My Gretsch Catalina Clubs

    Hello all - thought I'd post a few pictures of my newest find. Got these for 400, used. There's MAYBE one cosmetic flaw, but other than that the kit is nearly perfect. This is the kit I've been using for straight ahead jazz gigs - however, you can tune the kick down to a low thud for situations...
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    K Custom Dry Ride.... or "Special" dry ride?

    I've had my K Custom dry ride for about a year and a half - while I do love it, its complete lack of overtones or... well.. any tone for that matter... is growing old. I also have a normal K ride that I adore - its set up as a secondary ride. I'm seriously considering replacing my Dry ride...
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    Music without drums

    Hello again everyone! Haven't posted in awhile - been pretty busy. I was wondering - do any of you guys listen to music without drums? I'm not talking music with electronic loops; I'm talking music without any drums or percussion whatsoever. I love a lot of solo piano music; especially avant...
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    Sonic Identity?

    This thread is partly inspired by KIS's "Origin of your perfect drum sound" thread and partly inspired by a conversation I recently had with a guitarist. While discussing Jeff Beck, my buddy began to rant about how much he was in love with...
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    My Ludwig Centennials

    Hey Everybody! I think I was finally able to get the pics of my kit up. It's a Ludwig Centennial kick and floor tom, with two Pearl snares. I use this kit for a lot of Experimental Jazz, Hip-Hop, Funk, and Rock. Here's the specs: Drums: All North American Maple Ludwig Centennials 20x22" kick...
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    Anders Meinhardt

    I somehow discovered this guy through a series of YouTube recommendations that started with Jojo Mayer and ended up here. He plays with several electronic and drum n bass artists, and has one of the sweetest grooves I've seen in a while. I was surprised not many people have head of him. He...
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    Remote Pedal

    As some of you have seen in my past couple threads, I have recently been contemplating the prospect of a smaller bass drum for jazz and quieter coffee-shop gigs. At the same time, however, I like to have the depth of my 22" bass drum. The conclusion that I've come to involves purchasing a...
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    Pearl Session Series

    I have the chance to pick up a Pearl Session series 4 piece kit for about $400. I have no experience with them, but they sounded pretty great when I was just playing arround on them. Any info about these kits? thanks everybody!
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    Making my kit look and sound vintage

    I realize that there is no way to exactly replicate the sounds of vintage drums. However, I am a huge fan of them and I would like to bring my kit as close as possible to looking and sounding like one. I'm currently playing Ludwig Centennial drums. I'm thinking about getting my kick drum cut...
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    Making a living in a Big Band

    Do you guys know if it is common, in a large city, to make a living playing in a big band jazz setting? A great deal of my gigs are with jazz and funk bands, and I recently began performing with a Big Band. This is basically my dream gig. I love playing with so many people and It's the most...
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    Brand new K Ride

    Just picked it up today. Pics to come soon. Great ping with just enough wash -- a great jazzy ride to go with my K Custom Dry Ride. But more than anything, this is a sweet crash. I have it set up on my left side as a crash/ride and it sounds excellent. Anyone else use it? I'm really...
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    Opinions on practice material

    Hey everyone, I've recently been questioning my practicing habits. I usually get a chance to practice individually about 4 hours a day with gigs on average 3-4 days a week and rehearsals with bands also 3 to 4 days a week. I spend time playing by myself and practicing grooves with a click, but...
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    Clyde Stubblefield

    Hmmm... did a search and nothing came up. Anybody else a fan of Clyde? He's quite possibly my favorite drummer of all time. His playing with James Brown was simply outstanding. He was a true innovator and a great musician. Also! He's the most sampled drummer of all time. Here - check these...
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    Ludwig Centennial vs. Ludwig Element SE Retro

    Hey guys! I'm currently rocking a Ludwig Centennial - I like the kit. But it's not the most versatile. A 20x22" kick doesn't work so well for piano trios. So I was looking at the Ludwig Element SE Retro kits in the Downbeat configuration. PERFECT sizes. Sweet finishes. Interesting shell...
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    Cheap Bubinga kit Just found this on MF. I know the brand is seen by a lot of you guys as a little bit sketchy but... come on - It's a bubinga kit with a sweet finish for 1k.