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    Got my new Sonor SQ1's today....Meh..

    Just to update this thread. Sonor took 2 months to send me the replacement bass drum tension rods. But they sent the wrong size. So,I told them to forget it, and ordered some rods from Portsmouth. Having said that: The drums really sound great, I love them. Maybe leaving some rods out of the...
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    DW Performance Series Review

    I had the same experience with the lug screws. A drum key bit for your drill is a wonderful thing. Loved the drums.
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    Don’t you hate being ignored?

    Not really thinking 15% off is lowballing. it's a starting point for negotiation. He has the ability to counter....or decline.
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    Don’t you hate being ignored?

    I made 2 offers on 2 different items on Reverb in the last month. Both were ‘make an offer’ items. The offers were both 15% below asking. A bit low but not outrageous. In both cases the offers were ignored and sat out there for 24 hours before expiring. Ok, not a big deal, but how much effort...
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    Jeremy Spencer is selling his Five Finger Death Punch kit...$25,000

    With the depth of those kick drums, you’d think that by the time the pressure wave from the batter head reached the resonant head, you’d be half a beat late.
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    What's the most shallow-minded thing you do in regards to playing or owning drums?

    I can’t leave my drum tuning alone. I get them perfect, they sound great from behind and in front of the kit. Come down the next day and think, uh, maybe single ply heads. A few days later clear heads. Then the coated doubles go on. If I played them as much as I play with them, I’d be great by...
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    Udrilled,virgin base drum pros&cons

    I hear cruise ship drummers prefer virgin bass drums as they will float longer than drilled or ported ones. I bet the drummer on the Titanic wished his bass drum was a virgin.
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    DW HiHat short?

    Does anyone else finfd their DW hihat stand sho.rt? I find I'm attaching the top cymbal to the very top of the rod to get it at a comfortable height. I have 2 other HH stands from different companies and they are both about 4 inches taller.
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    Drummers Can't Dance?

    Anything requiring a rhythmic, graceful motion that involves moving more than my wrists and ankles is a non-starter
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    How to become a more musical drummer

    I think recording your practicing and gigs is very important. I tend to hear what I think I'm playing. It's often surprising to find out, what you heard and what the recorder heard are two differnt things. It can be demoralaizing at times, but usually leads to better playing as you make...
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    Pearl vs. DW Drums Which do you prefer?

    The DW Performance series has slightly smaller lugs than the Collectors. Mine sound pretty good.
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    So I want to try the cotton balls thing, but...

    A drum key bit for your cordless drill is a wonderful thing.
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    If You Like Pina Coladas

    I was a rock/blues drummer in NY until I moved to Virginia a couple of years ago. Somehow I wound up in a Trop rock band. Took a while, but I like the music now. Although if I never play Margaritaville again, I’d be OK
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    My Drumming Is So Bad..

    My drumming is so bad, People are always asking me to play a drum solo. So low they won’t hear me.
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    Got my new Sonor SQ1's today....Meh..

    And I thought the idea of a forum like this is to share experiences and give opinions as you have them. I didn’t know that I was supposed to wait a certain amount of time before I could post my impression about a product. Now I know, If I order a snare from Gretsch and it arrives broken in...