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    Nasty Drum Lick #128 - Featuring Gary Husband's "Groove Grease"

    Hey Everyone- A couple of things. I recently posted a video of me playing along with a Gary Husband track from his "Drum Videocast" series. It's a cool tune called "Groove Grease." I highly recommend Gary's materials, which you can check out on his website. Second, there are a couple of...
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    Stick Logic: Rudimental Videos

    Hey Everyone -- I've been putting out some videos on rudimental playing that I hope some of you might find helpful. The idea is to work on rudiments by playing a piece rather than just playing patterns over and over. Not a new idea, I know, but I've found it's a helpful way to work on...
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    Brush Technique

    Consider trying to find Philly Joe Jones' book on the topic. He was a great brush player and I liked working out of that book a lot.
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    The "1e-a2-and-ah" Cymbal Ostinato: Independence Exercises

    Hey Everyone - I've been working on independence with an interesting cymbal pattern. It's something I've heard Dave DiCenso do (he's the only person I've ever heard do this). The pattern is this: There are a bunch of worksheets I've made to help me work on independence while playing this...
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    Drumeo's "Best Beginner Drum Book"

    Has anyone checked out this book? Just curious if anyone has thoughts on it.
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    12 Double Bass Drum Hand/Foot Triplet Exercises

    Hey Everyone - Here's a new PDF of exercises that I hope some of you might find helpful. It's a set of hand/foot ideas based in 16th note triplets---with some double bass drum included. Here's a link to the post that includes the PDF: 12 Double Bass Drum Hand/Foot Triplet Exercises PDF
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    New Video: Oz Noy, Will Lee, Mark Feldman

    Hey Everyone - My project, LEVEL5, just debuted the first video on Glide Magazine's website. It's a full song, in studio video of the track "Sybil" and you can check it out here: I hope you dig!!
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    Quick & Easy Drum Charts

    Hi Everyone - if you've ever had to learn a lot of songs quickly, you may have considered how to make a drum chart to help you. I've been in this situation a lot so I thought I would start sharing some examples on "The Drumming Blog." The first article/example is here: How To Make A Drum...
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    The Ghost Note Groove System Part 1

    Hey Everyone - Something to try... I stumbled upon a pattern I really liked on a gig the other night, and I wanted to expand upon it. So, I created a worksheet /PDF that starts with that hand pattern (it's distinctly heavy on the ghost notes--kind of Carlock-ish) and then adds different bass...
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    15 Exercises to Develop Clave Independence

    I know this may be obscure for some of you, but..... If you are interested in developing clave independence, you may find this worksheet helpful. I am not particularly interested in left foot clave, but rather, I made these exercises for myself in order to work on right hand clave. In other...
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    9 Bass Drum Double Stroke Grooves

    Hi Everyone- This video drum lesson features a PDF with 9 grooves that put emphasis on playing two 16th notes in a row with your bass drum foot. The camera angles are set up to allow you to get a great view of my bass drum foot. There is also some explanation of the technique I use to get two...
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    Drum Solos You Can Play

    Hey Everyone! So, I've begun a series of video lessons where I present different 8 bar solos that I compose for you. The video shows me playing the solo at two tempos and there is a link to a PDF note for note transcription that includes stickings. The solos are pretty modern and are chock...
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    Steve Such's Vinnie Baked Potato transcription

    Hi Everyone.... So I'm looking at this transcription... Vinnie's solo is fantastic in the performance and I'm wondering.... anyone know how accurate this transcription is? I don't know Steve Such and I"m not doubting him but I'm just wondering if any of this forum's regularly "quoted"...
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    An Easy Linear Beat / Intro Linear Beat

    Hi Everyone - for anyone interested in Linear Drumming, here is a pretty simple first idea to check out. "Linear Beat #1" There is a video and PDF available at the link. Hope it's helpful.