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    Cymbal Identifiaction help

    I picked up this 12" Sabian Radia this weekend, it was used and marked a "cup chime". However the only cup chime's I can find online only go up to 9" and the lathing pattern doesn't match. Sorry for the crap pic, This cymbal is only marked "HH Radia 12"", and is about 4mm thick, seriously it's...
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    Ludwig Stainless Steel review

    I haven't been on DW too often the past few months, but I was asked to do an interview on the gear I used on my bands latest recording. I ended up using a orphaned ludwig ss, and was pretty pleased with the results. I've seen a lot of people talk about the SS drums but I haven't found many...
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    Is this a fake Pork Pie throne?

    Traded a saddle throne I never used for this, guy said it was a custom pork pie throne made for a chain of local used bookstores. I've never seen a Pork Pie Throne with any other text other than the Logo on them. The base seems sturdy, and looks to have correct PP markings as one i used to have...
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    Coolest bass drum ever?

    I got a dw copper snare a while ago, and loved the sound...and then this 26" monster happened. More pics soon, It's going to play a show tonight and is all packed up.
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    Oxnard Adventures

    I went on a road trip this week to see the band SLEEP in Oakland. On the way back to Arizona, my friend and I opted to take the 101 over the boring I-5 to stop at our favorite Knife company's headquarters in Ventura. We realized this was really close to Oxnard and the DW factory. We called...
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    DW 14x8 Steel snare

    I picked up this 14x8 DW performance series steel snare when I was in hollywood this week. For the price this snare is awesome, it's SUPER LOUD! Crazy projection. I was planning to swap the 3mm triple flanged for a die cast but it sounds so good as is.I don't think it needs a cast hoop it's...
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    When 1 mega bell isn't enough

    use 2! Snagged a z3 megabell today for 100$. I don't like it as much as the Z custom, it's much glassier/bright sounding and not as thick. Nothing has the honk of the Z custom's bell but for 100$ I'm happy.
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    15$ Ludwig Supra

    Snagged this for 60$ today, I had almost 50 in store trade. I love when people think a Supra is a steel rocker because of the drum heads! Just a little dusty but the chrome is an easy 9.5 out of 10. Now I can stop being sad I sold my acrolite!
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    Doom Sludge Heavy Rocking stuff

    My band just recorded 5 new songs. I am really happy with how they turned out. Plastic drums sound pretty good. If you like heavy music all 5 songs are available for free download. Let me know what you think. Song 2 is my fav. I ended up using my 70's Blue...
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    Impulse Buy of the day

    14x5 DW copper snare. I snagged this for 399 new. I don't know why but my favorite local drum shop is selling them as "USED", but I saw it opened from the box new. They still have 2 left if anyone wants one. It has the new mag throw off. I hate to say it, but it sounds so good. I had a 14x5.5...
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    my 2$ yamaha kit

    I know I keep posting here but this is so awesome I couldn't resist. I just got a 3 piece single lug older stage custom for 2$ and change from a used bookstore. Ok so they were selling it for 80$, but I had some instore trade on items I got for free so I talked them to 60$ since I had almost...
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    Ludwig Stainless Steel kit updates

    Ok so the Budget Steel kit saga continues. I just had an 18x10 Steel marching quint? modded into a double headed floor tom. I own 4 18's but all were 18x16 or 18x18. This tom sounds pretty sweet not my usually monster deep tom roar but brighter and it's beyond loud. I can't wait to record it in...
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    Early xmazzz gift to me!

    Picked up this 14x5 Tama Kenny Aronoff Trackmaster for under 200$ today. I only currently owned a brass piccolo and thought what the heck. I really like it, I haven't really messed with it but it sounds pretty sweet and I think the shell is gorgeous. Excuse the dust in the pic I haven't cleaned...
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    DW 14x8 Steel Snare GC exclusive

    Checking out the GC black friday mailer I saw this snare is on sale. I know the normal performance series drums are USA made. Is this Steel Snare Performance snare also USA? Or is it an imported shell assembled here? Anyone played one? Anyway I'm contemplating getting it for 300ish bucks a...
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    New Mastodon

    I love all the fanboys freaking out saying they sold out and aren't proggy anymore. I just listened to Curl of the Burl about 15 times on youtube and I love it.To me it's very stoner rock/70's esq with lyrics about goat revenge how can you beat that?