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    Paiste signature 14 power hats

    I have never tried a pair so cant comment but you can here them here.
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    Bought & sold in 2 days

    The Rudes are heavy cymbals and need laying into to really open them up. I personally prefer the Thin Rudes and own one myself in a 20". It sounds to me like you need a thinner cymbal, the Vintage ride already mentioned and a 21 HHX groove ride sound like good suggestion although the stick def...
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    Eloy Casagrande

    Are you a drummer? Or a one dimensional drummer ? Have a listen on YouTube.
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    Eloy Casagrande

    Why is this dude not on drummer world search. He is probably one of the best Metal drummers out there atm, technically amazing and has passion and power.
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    too many cymbals?

    I generally use: Hats 2x crashes 1x ride or a crash ride like the sweet ride mounted just above it 1x china occasionally That being said last time I counted I had 26 cymbals. TBH I want more . Cymbalholic here
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    Heads of choice

    Thanks for that, definitely going to check out the the response 2 and texture coated with dot. 👍
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    Heads of choice

    Atm I'm using: Gig kit: Remo Power Stroke on Bass, Emperor clear on Tom's and an Evans PSRD on snare. Studio/Recording kit: EMAD on Bass, G2 clear on Tom's and PSRD on snare. I've been looking into Aquarian heads for my Gig kit as it gets used and abused by me and others, especially the toms...
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    Aquarian head advice.

    Think I'm definitely going with Superkick and Texture coated dot. Tom's I'm learning towards Response 2.
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    Aquarian head advice.

    Thanks for the advice. I like a fat looser tom sound rather than a ringy tight sound hence why I was put onto Aquarian. I have used a Superkick before and really liked it. Snare I do like tight and with a lot of crack if you know what I mean lol. Might look into the Super 2 a bit more. Have you...
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    Aquarian head advice.

    Okay here goes: I'm looking to try Aquarian heads on my gigging kit as I haven't changed them in a while. atm I'm running Emperors on the Tom's, Powerstroke on the bass and an Evan's power centre rev dot on the snare. Kit size is 13" 16" and 14" snare. I was always an Evan's man G2, EMAD and...
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    Continually befuddled by hi-hat tones

    I love the sound of these hats. As for paiste, the signatures are really bright and quite shrill when played open imo, I much prefer the 2002 soundedge over the sigs. What about the HHXelerator hats ? Or K mastersounds. Dark sound but nice and cutting as well.
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    20" vs 21" inch ride cymbal (which one do you prefer and why?)

    I like 22s or 24s. I like a 21 as a crash ride. I guess it's what music your playing and the sound you like at the end of the day.
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    Need recommendation for 19" crash cymbal for classic rock

    I own a 20" 2002 medium and power a 20" Rude thin and a 20" signature reflector heavy full. Along with a 19" Signature full. I love them, I do play in a fairly heavy band and they are perfect. I just prefer the body of a larger crash. When venues get smaller I switch to A customs, again 19 and...
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    Need recommendation for 19" crash cymbal for classic rock

    Have a listen to a few on YouTube. Personally I like Paiste 2002, Signature or Rude thins. If you like Zildjian than the A customs are beautiful in larger sizes. I always use 19 and 20s mostly two 20s of different weights and pitches.. I've been looking into UFIP lately and the Class brilliant...