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    Why is “White Marine Pearl” so popular?

    Have to agree with this. . .
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    Reverse Order of Mounted Toms?

    Yes, very interesting.
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    College to study drum set and something else

    This is a six year old topic. Does anyone know what direction/decision the OP went with? No biggie, just wondering.
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    What drumming advice would you give to a younger you?

    Now that sounds like true love or a match made in heaven - cheers PorkPie. . . .
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    I always was impressed with little girl.
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    Forearm Injury From Drumming

    Basically inside right elbow only. Periodically I will feel something on the outside but seldom - always right elbow. I was trying to think if I had some other trauma but really nothing. The only explanation sadly is drumming. The chiro said it is similar to carpletunnel. I'm not ready for...
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    Forearm Injury From Drumming

    Cortisone was one of the options mentioned by my doctor. I have not done so yet but probably should seriously consider.
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    Forearm Injury From Drumming

    I have the exact same problem. I spoke to a couple medical people (doctor and chiropractor) - both said it was Medial Epicondylitis better known as Golfer's Elbow. They gave me some exercises to help alleviate. It's been about two months and to be honest I really don't see any difference...
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    Practice on ekit and gig on acoustic kit.

    and, under the circumstances, the alternative is?
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    What is "The Off Topic Lounge" for?

    Now that's On Topic. . .
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    New Forum at a standstill?????

    Exactly - agree wholeheartedly!!!
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    Consequences of Drum Workshop’s takeover?

    It’s been almost a year now since we/I first heard about DW buying out Fender’s percussion brands, Gretsch in particular. Has anyone noticed any distinct changes either way – good or bad; maybe not only for DW or Gretsch but what about some of the other companies – Sabian, Gibraltar, KAT, etc.?
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    Tama Cobra Coil

    Does anyone know if a Tama Cobra Coil (#CC900S) will fit on a Tama Iron Cobra 200 (HP200PTW) pedal? Literature states they fit “any” Iron Cobra but I have read one place where it may require some modification. If it works without a hitch, I’ll pop for the 20 bucks (pretty cheap), but I really...
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    Hi hat - rotating legs?

    This may sound a bit stupid but could someone explain hi hat “rotating legs”? I am considering adding a VH-11 hi-hat to my eDrum kit. However, I am very tight on space.