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    Why have I waited so long to get an aluminum snare? I recently got a Recording Custom 6.5x14 and it quickly became my favorite. I love the dryness, the articulation, and the overtones, such as they are. With the die-cast hoops it comes with, rim clicks are fabulous. What a great drum!
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    Birch drums. Why?

    On YouTube at least, the birch drums always sound awesome to me. I'm thinking mainly of Sonor and Yamaha RC's. I love the shorter sustain, and crisp responsiveness. I have a DW Collector's Maple kit at home, and over the years I've gone from single ply to EC2 heads, in an effort to get more...
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    Got a nice compliment at a gig last week

    I am a rock drummer at heart, but I play in a classic blues trio as a way to get more playing experience and to expand my musical repertoire. We had a gig last weekend and after the show someone came up to me and said I am "the shuffle king"! Now, I'm not worthy to take that title away from...
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    Is it OK to store drums in the garage?

    I've recently sized up my drum collection and storage in the house is becoming a bit of a problem. I wonder if it's OK to store drums in the garage, in hard cases? I live in the southwest, so moisture is never a problem, but it does get hot in there during the summer, possibly up to 110F or so...
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    Question for those of you who have gone through The New Breed

    I got this book about 3 weeks ago, and so far I am really enjoying the exercises. If I understand the book correctly, you should stick with one system until you can get through all the melody charts with that system, and then move on to the next system and start with the first melody page...
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    Help me choose my next ride cymbal

    Hi folks! I'm selling off some gear that I don't use much, and have a hankering for another ride cymbal. I live in an area with limited options for live auditions, so I watch a ton of videos and ask for opinions, and then cross my fingers while I wait for the package to arrive. The two rides...
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    Looking for opinions - Gretsch USA Custom vs. DW Jazz vs. Sonor Vintage

    Over the last several years, I've put together a very nice maple kit (DW Collector's) with a 22" bass drum that I've been using for practice, gigging, and recording. They are great drums, but for a while I've been wanting something with a different sound, more portable, and that is flexible...
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    Please recommend a mixer, software

    I am between bands at the moment, and would like to do some recording. I'm thinking drum covers, audition videos, etc. I already own a MacBook Pro, a 2-channel audio interface, and a cheap set of CAD mics (kick, snare, 3 toms, and 2 overheads). I will likely add a couple more mics, as my kit...
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    DW Collector's NOB depth comparison

    I'm ready to pull the trigger on a DW Black Nickel Over Brass snare drum, but I'm having trouble deciding what depth to go for. My two current snares are a Black Panther 14x8 maple and a Premier XPK 14x5 birch. I wanted a metal snare to round out my collection. I play mostly rock, but want to...
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    Snare mic problems

    Hi guys, The soundman for our band uses a set of Shure mics on my drums. Excuse my ignorance, but I do not know the model numbers. They might be PG56? Anyway, there doesn't seem to be any place around the circumference of my snare drum where this mic can go that is not in my way. I have toms...
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    Left elbow tendinitis

    Hi everyone. Over the last few months I have been having trouble with my left elbow. Based on the Googling I did, I believe I have medial tendinitis, commonly called golf elbow, as opposed to the more commonly known tennis elbow. Basically, the inside of my left elbow hurts. It hurts a lot...
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    Are electronic kits easier to set up and tear down?

    Hey guys. I play in a moderately active band with my DW Collectors 7 piece kit. I have a rack and memory locks on everything to make things efficient, and I use less kit for rehearsal, but I have to say, I am getting really sick of setting up and tearing down my kit. I rarely play at home...
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    Do Ahead floor tom cases have room for the legs?

    As the question suggests... I have a DW Collector's kit with a 14"x16" floor tom, and a 12"x14" on the way. I was wondering if the "correct" size Ahead cases are large enough to fit the drum with the legs still attached. The descriptions say they do, but I wanted to confirm with someone who's...
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    Need help translating from guitarist to drummer

    I'm playing in an 80's rock cover band. My bandleader, who is the guitarist, has said that he loves how solid I am - he says I'm like a human metronome. I take this as a great compliment, of course. He says he thinks I am a "finesse drummer", which I would agree with. I am more Stewart...
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    Need a new ride

    Hi folks! I've been playing in an 80's rock/wave cover band for the last year. Over time I've been refining my cymbal setup to get a sound that I like. I've gradually moved over from Zildjian A's to K's, because I like the darker sound. My current setup is 14" K hats, 16" & 18" K Custom Dark...