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    Location of tom seems to affect the sound

    This might sound strange, but I want to see if anyone else experienced this. I've been experimenting with different setups with my Sonor SQ1 kit. For a while I was using 10 and 12 rack toms over the bass drum. Now I keep the 12 nearly above the center of the kick, and the 10 to the left, that...
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    How much do you have to worry about volume?

    I always concern myself with volume, not only of my kit in relation to the other instruments, but of the parts of my kit to one another, making sure I have a good mix between the cymbals, kick, snare, and toms. In the bands I've played in, the guitarist is usually the one that's too loud. I...
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    Ever regret buying a drumset?

    Not so far! I feel like I'm still learning what I like and don't like about various woods and drum sizes, so every kit I get adds to my experience. I'm still not sure what my "dream kit" is, but I'm getting closer to figuring it out. Maybe the enlightenment I will discover is that there is no...
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    Got my new Sonor SQ1's today....Meh..

    I bought an SQ1 kit earlier this year, 22/12/16 with 10 and 14 tom add-ons as well as the snare. The bearing edges all seemed great to me, but I did experience some of the bass drum lugs being very tight and difficult to turn. A minor disappointment with an otherwise very nice set of drums. I...
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    Which headphones do you use to practice?

    An alternate take - I've gone through three pairs of VF headphones. I am 6'3", I'm not a giant but larger than an average human. The band connecting the cans is too small for my head and broke on me several times as I continually struggle to get them to sit on my ears. So, if you're a large...
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    Ludwig Legacy Mahogany

    Great score, he got an amazing set of drums!
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    Tuning intervals for brighter sounding toms?

    For a 12/14 setup for non-jazz stuff, I like to tune them to A#/D# fundamentals (perfect 5th), with the reso a minor third above the batter.
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    Getting to be a bit much

    From my own experience, I've been in a band or two that I got kind of bored with after a few years, and I sometimes regret leaving those bands. Especially the ones with steady gigs. My advice - stick with your long-time bandmates until you retire from your full-time job, and then find a couple...
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    Share your clever drum hacks

    Another take on floor tom leg identification - I use colored electrical tape. Blue tape stripes on the 16" floor tom legs and yellow on the 14" legs. The leg that goes in the back gets 2 stripes.
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    Bands with the drummer as bandleader

    If you count 2 guys as a band, I've really been digging Josh Dion / Paris Monster.
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    Interesting tuning perspective

    I agree with Stroman, great points. I like Rob's videos, but on this one in particular one he comes across as closed-minded and dismissive, which is a bit out of character for him. He's usually pretty laid back.
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    Interesting tuning perspective

    I do tune my toms to specific notes, but to me the notes themselves are not as important as the intervals between the toms. I'll adjust the actual notes to the particular tuning ranges of the drums I'm playing. For example, if I'm playing 1-up/1-down, I'd go for a 5th between them if it's...
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    Interesting tuning perspective

    Because he's right about everything? I don't understand why people have to come out with such polarized statements about these things. Let's just say some people like to tune to specific pitches and others don't. It's a matter of preference, simple as that. There is no right and wrong in music.
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    Interesting tuning perspective

    What do you mean by "linear"? Sorry, but I disagree with just about everything you're saying in this thread. Drums produce a pitch. That pitch can be tuned to match a particular note. You don't care what notes your drums make, fine. I know that my 10" tom sounds good when I tune it to a D...
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    Interesting tuning perspective

    I agree the interval is more important than the specific pitches chosen. But, you can't tune to an interval without tuning to specific pitch except for the one drum you arbitrarily choose as the reference drum. I commented on Rob's video that you can say you don't tune to a specific pitch, but...