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    Help identifying old-ish Tama snare.

    Hi all, a friend of mine just gave me his old Tama snare, as it has been sitting in his flat for a few years now untouched. It needs some proper cleaning, looking at the bearings edges, polishing and new heads and, probably, strainer of course. I need some help to identify what this is, since...
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    Roland CY-8 low sensitivity after switching from TD-4 to TD-11

    I've had a Roland TD-4 for years now. Super happy with it for the use I do (home practice and some scratch recordings from time to time). Recently I had the option of getting a TD-11, sound module only. I used it before and I liked the sound a bit better (hi-hat especially), plus the USB out...
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    How to find a 1997-1999 Starclassic 16" tom?

    Hi, I'm the really happy owner of a Tama Starclassic Performer that I bought new back in 1998 (I was 18 at the time...). I'm still using it and just recently I was considering adding a 16" suspended floor tom. I didn't buy it extra at the time because it was pretty expensive for my finances...
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    Roland CY-15R on TD4

    Hi guys, just a quick question. Will the CY-15R ride/crash cymbal work fine with a Roland TD4? My understanding is that I will be able only to use dual trigger with my CPU unit (fine with me) while to use all the three triggers at same time requires one of the advanced Roland CPUs. What I...
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    Pretty old Yamaha Club Custom snare in need of some care

    I'm back home from xmas and I'm digging around the house to collect some random stuff I have to send back to UK... anyway I digress... I found a pretty old and battered (pun intended) Yamaha Club Custom snare drum. Made in Japan. I obtained this almost 15 years ago along with a Tama drum kit...