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    Yet Another Cover - New Orleans in 7

    Here's another Rudder play-along. Keith Carlock is hard to even begin to imitate. Tell me what you think.
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    Another Cover - Looking for feedback! Playing to an Oz Noy track. Kinda rough. Looking for some feedback! Any criticism welcome.
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    Rudder Play-Along

    First time posting a cover... ever. Constructive criticism welcome. BTW, I'm still in the process of improving the lighting. There are some obvious time problems and hangups but overall I'm pretty happy with the result. Ignore my dad shining a light on me half way. lol I'll try to post some...
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    Ludwig Standard - Question

    Did Ludwig ever make a 10" tom for this line? I can't quite remember.
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    Canopus Lightweight Hardware

    Does anyone have experience with these stands? I really like their vintage look (not just that they are flat-based, the wing-nuts and joints add to the vibe) and how portable they are but I am wondering how they compare to DW or Gibraltar flat-based hardware.
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    Modern Ludwig Drums

    I have heard in the past few years that Ludwig has gone downhill in terms quality. Is this true? From the current Ludwig owners, how does the sound compare to Ludwigs of yester-year? I am looking for a vintage sound but its hard to find the sizes I want in any vintage set currently...
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    New here!

    Hey all, Just joined after lurking for some time and being rejected (how come they don't respond even after over 5 tries to join) by PDF repeatedly. Anyway, here is all my gear. Main Set- Tama Superstar HyerDrive 10x6.5 12x7 13x6.5 (Side Snare) 14x5 (Main Snare) -- Vintage...