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    Zombie Threads

    I agree with just about everything you've said on this topic. This reminds me of something I mentioned in a previous thread that seems to have gone unnoticed (not unlike a lot of what I post), possibly because I didn't give much detail. To the point that DW posts have real value, a...
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    20" K Custom Dark Ride - "Optimal weight"?

    I had one at around 2300. It was harsh to me.
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    What do we know about what happens neurologically and biologically when we practise?

    K. Anders Ericsson, the researcher whose work spawned the 10,000 hour rule, tried to correct the misconceptions of his work up until his death. I think you've intuitively picked up on some of those misconceptions; there's a whole theoretical framework that understandably gets overlooked when...
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    Learning Jazz , is traditional grip a plu?

    I think it's a plus, but not a prerequisite. You probably won't be able to do with trad grip the things with you can already do with matched after playing trad for an hour, or even 10 hours. Will that feel uncomfortable to you? To me that's not a reason to stop, but I guess if you or anyone...
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    My Music City Custom Snare Verdict

    Excellent analogy — to understand commenting on my snare drum is to understand commenting on my wife now let’s hear that drum
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    I Am Leaving This Forum

    Locking the thread that contained a religious service seems to me to have been imprudent, especially because you did so to avoid a potential argument about religion in the responses, correct? Maybe a less proactive approach to moderation in this specific case would have been a better idea. In...
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    A Drum Shop Database Thread

    IMHO, @beet has the strongest idea. As an example, Memphis Public Library System has a Google Map. Simply searching "public libraries in Memphis" would not produce this result, rather the map is custom created.
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    Long shot: Can anyone identify what's going on here?

    I suggest watching it at half or quarter speed to get the sticking down. I didn’t give it a thorough analysis, but when I watched it appeared to be mostly, if not all, single strokes. Good luck!
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    G.A.S. has been studied and is a real thing - Article

    Dr. Herbst, the researcher featured by Guitar Center in the original post, has done a lot of work on GAS. I looked up his publications, and he's actually collected and analyzed data from this very forum on the topic. He included an entire post @larryace wrote on his experience with GAS in one of...
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    Anyone else despise flippers/dealers?

    I can see where csnow is coming from. Reading through the comments in this thread reminds me of a dealer of rare and vintage cymbals people around here are probably familiar with, Hazelshould. I'm 99% certain I come across the eBay listings he buys cheap and re-sells. Similar to the arcade...
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    I wish we had a subforum for buy/sell/trade.

    If we build a trailer park here, people who don't want to put their trailers in the other trailer park will have somewhere to put their trailers.
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    I wish we had a subforum for buy/sell/trade.

    What should I do if I lose the date I wrote down? Or I can't remember?
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    Found a new online language translator called DeepL

    To me, this makes your work to improve your technique all the more impressive! I’ve taken for granted all of the strange words and vocabulary used to describe playing, as a native English speaker.
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    I wish we had a subforum for buy/sell/trade.

    I think a dedicated subforum for buying/selling would enhance the site. It's incredibly easy to avoid subforums you have no interest in. With that said, the recent "dark mode" implementation is a good example of how things get done around here. Unless someone is going to do the work to make the...
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    Anyone else despise flippers/dealers?

    I guess it goes both ways -- I celebrate the deals and steals, so the overpriced stuff that gets spammed on CL, FB Marketplace, etc. comes with the territory. At this point, the ridiculous asking prices are amusing rather than frustrating. For me, working the margins to find sellers who have...