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    Thoughts on Ludwig b/o green sparkle jazzfest on eBay??

    The user and eBay seller both just happen to be from Ohio!
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    Round Over Bearing Edges

    I found out about this guy on Instagram recently. Seems like having his service on your kit would be a nice “upgrade” as opposed to shopping around for another set.
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    Ordered a used snare from Guitar Center.

    I remember a thread where one of our community was nice enough to check on a kit at their local GC for another user. I bet there’s nearly enough of us to cover most GC’s in the US, but I could be wrong. If anyone sees something in the Memphis/Bartlett GC, I’ll drop by and take better pics for you!
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    I assumed I’d be breaking a rule by linking to personal information, even if he’s disclosed enough of it already. All this made me realize how valuable this community can be with the sum of drumming knowledge/experience. There’s a lesson here for Mav, though he may never get it.
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    Our resident scientist, giving up so easily?!?! His username is his name.
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    A simple google search will show you that Mr. Maverick actually follows through on design ideas. He seems talented, too. Surveys are tough to get right, and while this one seems to be lacking, we don’t know exactly what information he’s trying to get, and he said there will be more surveys as...
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    TAMA Restoration Video

    Restoring an Imperialstar I really enjoy this kind of content. He makes the job look like a lot of fun!
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    Big fat snare drum - what's rebound like?

    You mean you’re not allowed to remove it? Aren’t they easy to put on/take off?
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    Why don't many Pro Drummers use Electric Drums?

    Staying true to my brand of being incapable of having original thoughts on a topic, here are Bill Bruford’s reasons for playing and eventually giving up electronic drums. This comes from hiswebsite’s FAQ, which is worth a read. Why did you play electronic drums? Why did you give up playing...
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    What Size Cymbal Do I Need?

    I met a commenter from an musician's forum, Who said—“Two vast and pretentious chunks of text Stand in the internet. . . . Near them, on a webpage, Half sunk a shattered avatar lies, whose frown, And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command, Tell that its user well those passions read Which yet...
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    Jack DeJohnette cymbals

    If you’re looking to put some up, Memphis Drum Shop has a decent amount:
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    What badge is this

    I’m certain those are Rockstars. Like symbolic death, I’m no expert, but the drums in your picture are similar to those found in 80s Tama catalogs:
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    Spin-off of the cheap jazz cymbal thread

    Over time, I've gotten somewhat savvy with search terms and setting alerts for eBay, Reverb, etc. For instance, I had been waiting for a Sabian AA Raw Ride to pop up for < $150 for a good while, and within minutes of one being listed on eBay I purchased it because of an email alert I'd set up...
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    Need advice for cheap jazz cymbals set

    From a member of our community, Todd Bishop.
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    Mini bop kit

    Yamaha Hip Gig kits may be an option. They’re expensive, so I assume they’re quality, but have also been discontinued for some time. Someone with more knowledge on them should chime in.