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    The Unwavering Drummer

    Toto- Africa From memory, the few drum fills are over top the steady beat. Speaking of NWA, Ice Cube’s Today Was a Good Day is a looped sample of Isley Brothers - Footsteps in the Dark. That’s a great beat. We Will Rock You Bill Withers - Use Me Some variation, but a decent example Led Zeppelin-...
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    Show me your "unmatched" hi-hats.

    *drags strawman out of storage for it’s weekly beating*
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    Zildjian S Family

    I read on this here forum that Buddy Rich’s favorite ride was a Zildjian B8.
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    Another dumb question: What makes a "great" ride cymbal?

    It’s not a big deal in the grand scheme and not scandalous that he would use a B8 cymbal, but it’s one of those fun facts that gets extra funny when you think about it. The Zildjian ZBTs and other B8 iterations came out well after Buddy passed, except for the short-lived Impulse line that was...
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    Another dumb question: What makes a "great" ride cymbal?

    [Citation needed]
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    Another dumb question: What makes a "great" ride cymbal?

    Two important variables in ride selection seem to be taste and practicality. While I’m generally irked by how we discuss taste around here, I think it’s important unpack what is meant by practicality, which is especially useful for less experienced players like myself. This video from the 80/20...
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    sold a mess of stuff

    Drum Center of Portsmouth has had this deal for a while:
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    How much of a discount do you need...?

    I guess I think about deals in absolute price. I’m pretty much only buying cymbals at this point, so anything around $200 or less and I’ll consider pulling the trigger. I really enjoy looking for deals and researching the different and discontinued lines over the years.
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    Advice for a Lefty Who Wants to Introduce Their Kid to Drumming

    Lots of good input so far. I’m a lefty, but have a drum kit set up “right-handed” for my child. Here’s some commentary on handedness and drumming that’s worth a read:
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    Is there a way to verify the model of a Zildjian cymbal?

    From the second picture, the stamp faintly looks like a K Zildjian. I agree with ineedaclutch, it does not appear to be a Custom Dark — the lack of lathing gives it away. The serial number at the bottom of the stamp will tell you the year. Without the ink logos, the weight will give you a...
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    Why does everyone make fun of Lars?

    Lars has become a meme!
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    Why does everyone make fun of Lars?

    Metallica had more crossover success than any other thrash metal band (any metal band ever?) which opens all of the members up to more criticism than their peers. Lars also has specific licks that resurface again and again throughout his career and I think musicians pick on him for that.
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    Grams per inch

    Are you being serious?
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    Grams per inch

    I appreciate you (and anyone else in this forum, for that matter) responding, but you’re missing my point. You’re basically restating what I’ve said already. What I was and am responding to was this: I disagree. Given a 20” cymbal, if you only knew either the alloy, hammering, finish or...
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    Grams per inch

    I suppose it’s disappointing in a way. I find this topic interesting and would like to go a little further with the discussion. Obviously, there’s no requirement to respond or contribute in any other way than you’d like, but I think you can do better than that.