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    Jazz soloing: Filling, phrasing, voicing, trading 4's 8's, vocabulary.

    Jim Blackley's book Syncopated Rolls for the Modern Drummer offers a good way of developing technique for soloing around the drums without focusing on rudimental patterns per se, but rather on musical phrases (or musical lines, as he puts it). I've found it quite helpful. And in reality a lot of...
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    Rick Dior - Chapin Book Series

    My understanding is that "Volume 3" was going to consist of a lot of the "collapsed rudiment" stuff that Claus Hessler has talked about a lot. When I met Jim in 1995 at PASIC he mentioned to me that he was working on a book about such stuff. Claus has done a collapsed rudiment poster and...
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    Drum Corps and Moller Technique

    I couldn't find any videos of Arsenault, but I did find this video of Hugh Quigley from 1988. Quigley was a contemporary of Arsenault's, and they both studied with the noted rudimental instructor Earl Sturtze, so I imagine that their styles of playing were similar:
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    Drum Corps and Moller Technique

    It seems to me that many people use one element of the Moeller technique, the whip stroke (which not only involves a whipping stroke for accents, but involves using a "Moeller" upstroke before an accent), but they don't "accept the rebound" after the accent is made, which is something that...
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    Drum Corps and Moller Technique

    The story I recall is that Moeller had the opportunity to tour the country with a performing group some time in the late teens or early 20's, and wherever he went he would seek out veteran drummers (by this time perhaps in their 60's) and ask them about the techniques they used while drumming in...
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    Moeller technique do you really need to master it?

    I second this; Claus's materials are great. The Drumming Kairos DVD focuses heavily on the Moeller method, and there is an extensive pdf book that comes with it full of great exercises. In addition to Claus's DVD and Chapin's "Speed Power Endurance Control," Jojo Mayer discusses the Moeller...
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    Moeller technique do you really need to master it?

    From various things I've heard Jim Chapin say, either in videos or in person (when I went to PASIC in 1995 I spent a good deal of time hanging around him in the exhibit hall listening to him tell stories and teach people) I don't thing he would necessarily disagree with you. I got the impression...
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    Big Band Music

    One of my favorite big band drummers was the great Nick Ceroli. Any of his albums with the Bob Florence Big Band contain top notch drumming. Another one of my favorites is Terry Clarke (a Jim Blackley student, incidentally); his small group stuff (such as with Jim Hall) is fabulous, but he is...
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    your most favorite bassist/drummer rhythm section

    Great pick of Elvin with Ron Carter (and the others as well)! It's wonderful to hear Carter's precise playing alongside Elvin's looser concept.
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    Bob Moses on NOT listening to your bandmates?

    Well, for the record, I'm not sure I was paraphrasing the book accurately. But that was my recollection/takeaway: maintaining the form/structure is most important, and listening to and interacting with the others is secondary. The latter is also important, but not at the expense of the former.
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    Bob Moses on NOT listening to your bandmates?

    That quote from Moses's book made an impression on me when I first read it (some 20 years ago). My understanding was that the point he was trying to make is that the primary focus of the drummer was not to interact with the other musicians but to maintain the foundation/form of the piece. If you...
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    Bonham Getting Props in the Classical World

    I played it, too. I think I played the part that was primarily for timbales.
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    Stick Control Love?

    It's hard for me to articulate exactly why Stick Control may be more beneficial than other technique books, but my own experience is that it has been enormously helpful for me, perhaps more than any other book I've used. It's definitely true what many have pointed out, that the exercises can be...
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    What will improve my drumset playing more, studying concert snare drum or marching snare drum?

    Rick Dior has been posting performances of the etudes from Advanced SD Studies on his Youtube channel. Regarding Peters, he said something like, "He has a lot of books, and unlike some authors, ALL of them are great."