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    "Now, can someone please tell me why this flu virus has people and media outlets spreading fear? My first hunch was US stock market manipulation by foreign nationals." "In all seriousness the whole thing is something I'm monitoring daily, news wise." Two posts right next to each other that...
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    What are your favorite albums?

    I tend to have a favorite album from various periods of my life. 80's - Master of Puppets 90's - Badmotorfinger 00's - Lateralus 10's - Koi No Yokan (Deftones) A few more thrown in there, but that's a pretty good representation of who I was at those stages.
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    Name a band(s) and the song that made them the most money

    I don't think we can always assume that chart rankings = $. There are so many factors such as the bands publishing deal, who wrote the songs, future licensing deals, any probably many more factors that we don't even know about. One example is the song "accidently in love" by Counting Crows...
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    How much thought do you put into what you wear at a gig?

    As much thought as I put into what I wear in the morning. Im usually on stage in whatever pair of pants/band shirt I had on that day.
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    How many pedals have you owned?

    I would guess 20+ over the years. You name it and I have probably had it in my setup at some point. I would usually keep 1 single and 1 double pedal, buying and selling always looking for the holy grail. Much like Matt I found that I was trying to make every pedal feel like my old DW 5000, so...
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    Food Before the Gig

    Seems like we always end up at a pizza or burger joint somewhere near the club. I have played after eating crappy food, good food, no food, beer, you name it, and it really seems to make no difference. Im not playing 3 hour sets, but for the 30-45 min we play it really seems not to matter.
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    Big Fat Snare Drum

    Wow, hello zombie thread. I actually have seen guys use them in the last couple years with varying degrees of success. I have found that they will kill the projection a bit so playing in a loud rock band in a small club they would not be optimal.
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    Backing tracks...

    My girlfriend listens to modern pop and country and goes to a fair amount of shows to see those types of bands. When I take her to see a band I like, usually hard rock bands, where its actually just the guys on stage playing their instruments she always complains that the sound is bad. She would...
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    What kind of music do you traditionally play?

    Rock n Roll. In all of the various forms it takes.
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    How to get that sound

    South of Heaven and Seasons were both mixed by Andy Wallace. Andy has some really cool methods of mixing snare drums that involve samples and white noise. My guess is on the studio albums there was a fair bit of studio magic happening. As for the live, drum cam stuff, my guess is he is using a...
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    Two piece (a la White Stripes, Black Keys)

    I would say to just make the drums sound like drums. Meg White doesnt do anything special as far as drum tones, Jack just takes up so much space she doesnt need to. My only two piece was a Motorhead sounding thing with really mid-range heavy Marshall stacks. My only real concern was to get the...
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    Cutting down cymbals

    I have a few of 18" crashes with cracks along the outer edge (yes I am hard on cymbals). I have been thinking about cutting them down and seeing if I can make a decent set of 16" hi-hats. These are all pro-level (AAX, HHX, A Custom) so maybe worth trying to get some life out of them. Anybody...
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    What is the bell the drummer is hitting in this video? I want one! (Watch around the 1:00 mark)
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    Which DAW

    To my audiophile friends, I have a question regarding DAWs. My basement band is looking to record some stuff in the basement and have it professionally mixed. I am fairly adept at getting my drums to sound good with my current pro-tools version, but I will need more channels and more...
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    Big Fat Snare Drum

    Did a quick search and didn't see anything on these, but I am definitely interested. I have heard that putting another head on your snare helps fatten up the sound. Is this just a more expensive version of that? Does buying a thicker snare batter have the same effect. I have always just used...