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    Help choosing best budget cymbals for my kit

    Hi drummers! Been looking at cymbals for my kit and found some and want your opinions: Sabian XS20 pack used- £220- 14 hihat 16/18 2 crashes 20 ride Wuhan western cymbal pack-£220-14 hihat 16 crash 20 ride Dream ignition pack- £360- 14 hihat 16 crash 20 ride I would buy used for the two above...
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    Help choosing best most comfortable drum throne/stool

    Hi drummers! With Christmas approaching I thought I’d treat myself to a new throne as my current one was kindly donated to me but it wobbles, moves, feels like a brick and is incredibly low! After some research I narrowed it down. Dw 5000 series round throne- £89-
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    eBay cymbal buying advice

    Hey guys, I have been looking at cymbal sets on eBay and have found these; These seem a good price because they are brand new and never been played and a good price, though can I get...
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    Hey guys. I am looking into a new drum kit for under about £900. In your opinion, what 5 piece kit is best that includes hardware for that price point. I have looked at Yamaha stage custom, pearl decade and tama superstar hyperdrive. What kit sounds best, it dosent have to be one of those kits...
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    Drum kit help

    So out of these drum kits which is best: Pearl vision Vbl (birch) vs Yamaha stage custom birch vs mapex mars vs pearl export. I want a new kit not used. Also would like the kit to be versatile as I do Rockschool exams which have all types of music styles. So which is best overall, thanks Eato
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    Is this a good cymbal deal

    Hey looking at cymbals on eBay and came across these. Are they a good deal?
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    Starting drums, friend wants to give me a drum set. Should I accept?

    Hi. So recently I have started playing drums and need a kit to practice on. I have been looking at kits but my friend has offered to give me a kit. It is a crappy old pearl reference (what ever the heck that is) so not sure to accept because sound quality may be awful? The cymbals are Sabian hhx...
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    Hey, I am looking for a new drum kit for myself. I need the full set with hardware and cymbal (cymbals can be bought separately). My budget is £700 but can be stretched. I have been looking at pearl export exx, mapex mars, gretsch energy, Ludwig element, pdp main stage etc.. what are you...