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    Music that moves you to tears

    Moderators must be having a day off..
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    Love it, thanks for sharing
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    Who are the top three drummers you admire and why ?

    The three I listened to growing up in the late 70s/early 80s: Stewart Copeland Phil Collins Peter Erskine
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    Vintage Ajax snare

    Hi, Got my hands on this vintage Ajax snare today. Needs a clean, a change of heads and wires but looks interesting. Anyone here know how to date this? Serial number is 50511. Cheers Dutch
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    Pearl Rhythm Traveler on a gig!

    Were you subbing for your friend in that band with the vocal concerns?
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    yamaha stage or tour?

    Think twice before getting the 800-series hardware: it’ll be heavy. I’ve just changed over to the Yamaha crosstown lightweight hardware and, as a sometimes gigging drummer, couldn’t be happier. Weight is overrated. dutch
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    How do you mount your china cymbals?

    Rim up, the other way I think it sounds too clangy (it’s a 17” K).
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    Just a little venting

    98 miles away!
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    Never posted me playing before, so here goes!

    I really enjoyed that; big fan of “less is more”. Dutch
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    Can you tell what model year this kit is?

    Yes, definitely the current series. I’m very happy with mine!
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    Zildjian 6.5” splash?

    Hoping someone can help identifying this for me. It seems a regular A Zildjian splash, but it has no stamp and measures almost 6.5”. It doesn’t look cut down, sounds good and weighs 120 grams. What do you think?
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    Old Pearl snare

    Came across this Pearl snare today; 6-lug, 6-ply, 14”. Sounds good. Anyone here know what era this is? Cheers Dutch
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    I don't trust myself

    The second track we did last week as we were experimenting with recording. Great song but not at all easy to play.. A few hiccups here and there, but nevertheless we were happy with results. Speeds up a bit towards the end, but not too much - the song gets a different dynamic when the sax comes...
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    Last week's rehearsal

    Recently we started experimenting with some recording gear we have and last week recorded this song. It's not very polished (we've only played it a few times before), and especially towards the end it sort of falls apart a bit when the guitarist tries to loop, but I like the song and overall...
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    Yamaha Hipgig

    I'm looking at buying a Yamaha Hipgig that is on offer locally, but am puzzled by the model... It is not the Rick Marotta signature model, but I can't find any documentation on this version. The bassdrum model ID is BD16HG, and the snare is SD12HG. Pictures below; can anyone help? Cheers, Dutch