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    Show Off your SONOR DRUMS.

    Yes it is, and I was on the lookout for a second hand one for ages as well... Then I got a good discount on a new one so bit the bullet.. Great snare!
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    I owe the IRS for 2018..

    A guaranteed base income for all people would allow simplification of rules around taxation, benefits etc. There have been some promising case studies but I think it'll be a while before the notion will take hold.
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    Show Off your SONOR DRUMS.

    Brass snare arrived yesterday, very happy with my collection.
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    Football Soccer World Cup

    Oops... sudden death to this thread...
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    Musing on snare collecting

    I read somewhere (was it here?) that, when your focus moves from what's in your collection to what's not (yet) in your collection, it may be time to ask yourself some questions... Happened to me with Yamaha signature snares; they've all moved on now.
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    Color trends

    Paint technology has come a long way too
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    Who uses 13" hats?

    My 13" K Mastersounds are my preferred hats. Used to have 13" K Custom Darks; unfortunately I sold those, they were great as well.
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    What did your practice sessions look like starting out?

    From about the age of 15 I played along to Police and Supertramp albums on my “kit” consisting of cardboard boxes for a few years before I sat behind a real drum kit. I remember I didn’t know you had to put your foot on the hihat pedal.. I didn’t hear about rudiments until about 20 years later...
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    Weird Al Trailer

    Nice interview with Al in The New Yorker this week.
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    DW sold to Roland?

    Let’s just hope Elon Musk doesn’t buy Roland
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    Great suggestion, thanks v much :)
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    Love mine as well, only comment I would make is the attachment of the top of the hihat rod to the base section is a bit iffy, there’s nothing to grip when screwing it in or out, like other Yamaha stands. But other than that, great set.
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    What's up with Sonor's marketing decisions?

    I'd like to know as well. If I see any Prolite kits advertised in Australian shops their bass drums are all 17.5" deep which means they're built before 2019.. And re cost: I enquired at a local dealer about getting an standard 18" Prolite bass drum in fiery red (to add to my kit that has a 22"...
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    Bass drum hoop protector alternatives

    I Use a Dixson bass drum lift for both my 18" and 22" bass drums. Works fine and less hassle.