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    Fake News (and fake reviews)

    Draining the Swamp Last night I responded to a "question" that was posted here on Drummerworld with regard to the quality of the drums I make. I searched Dunnett and found few posts by an individual who had several complaints about a Dunnett he claims to have purchased "a few years ago". In...
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    I was reviewing some recent clips (including Jason Bonham playing the Titanium kit I made for him). Thought you might enjoy the grooves and sounds!
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    Coolest brushes

    Apart from loving everything Carter does, I really dig these brushes...
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    About George Way drums

    Hi Drummerworld members! I read a recent post about someone who was hoping to order a piano black Way kit and was disappointed that it was not available. I want to offer an explanation as to how the Way company currently operates. Way drum sets are NOT in ongoing production. That means unlike...
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    Dunnett Res-O-Tone and Felt Tone heads
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    I think Bonham would have LOVED this... Carter McLean vs. the new Classic Model 2N Carbon Steel...a drum lesson in and of itself. Enjoy!
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    The OTHER Carter

    Seriously worth watching...
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    Dunnett Classic + Gergo Borlai BZ

    Some new offerings - hope you like 'em!
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    Gergo Borlai

    Courtesy of the Hollywood Drum Show and Ronn Dunnett. Enjoy!
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    Musik Messe + travelogue

    Just wanted to share with everyone. Had a great Messe experience. Enjoy!
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    Product availability info

    A few people had asked about the ekee in another thread. In Europe the only dealer who may have any would be Olly at Drum Center Koln. In North America, Drum Center Portsmouth, Memphis Drum Shop, Fork's Drum Closet and Pro Drum Shop should all have stock and I think they all ship...
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    Ronn Dunnett ARTIFACTS workshop

    3 days away from Artifacts, my workshop that demystifies almost every aspect of the drum. Think of it as Mythbusters for the drums. If you've ever asked the question "Why does my drum...?" or "How can I get my drums to...?" this is the workshop for you - and it's FREE. You might win something...
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    Dunnett 8 x 14 Black Titanium

    I've seen some great clips (of Dunnett Classics) on YouTube but this one - crank it up.
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    Stanton! From the Galactic show last night in Seattle. Enjoy!
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    The Dunnett NAMM experience