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    Back into playing after a year off.

    Study took over my life, even listening to music was phased out. Building up from the very basics once again - not that I really got past being a beginner in the first place! Just seeing what's up with the drummerworld forum since last March. Have I missed any feel VS technique threads?
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    What kind of heads did Tony Williams use in his Miles period?

    Just curious... And of the drum head trends in that era in general.
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    Screwed over on ebay? Need advice!

    On September the 6th I purchased a snare drum of a UK ebayer. He provided me with an e-mail invoice via paypal because the shipping costs on the page only covered local delivery. So I paid 130 in English Pounds, not realising that ebay buyer protection does not cover this transaction, because...
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    Playing a backline kit - do you adjust the setup?

    Playing another drummer's kit - do you adjust the setup? I used to have to do this as a crutch to make other configurations halfway playable and the drummer's providing the kits were always gracious but when someone does it to me it drives me absolutely mad (I still let them though...). When...
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    Writing a brief personal bio for a festival - halp me!

    *edit* The damage is done and the bio is sent. I will survive!
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    Numbness in delicate region when I drum...

    It's only started in the last couple of weeks, between the legs. Not the legs at all, or any other part, just the meat and sometimes the two veg. I have recently got a new stool as my other was in tatters, it's a Yamaha, not sure what kind but it's not heavy duty. It happens within a few minutes...
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    14" Sabian HH Hats?

    Are these similar to the Zildjian K hi hats? Any experiences? The descriptive logo is missing from the hi hats so if anyone knows if these don't look right for HH's, because I have to travel before checking the sound out in person...
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    Pearl Masters Retrospec Maple Shell Snare for 200 yoyos... I don't particularly need another snare, but I would really like one... What's your take on this piece of gear?
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    versatility of Zildjian 'A' Custom 15'' Mastersound High Hats?

    I have an opportunity to pick up an immaculate pair for 250, they sound great, but will they suit well with all of soul/metal/rock//funk/jazz? Are 15s a bit too heavy when opened? I'm pairing them with a 21 Inch AA raw bell dry Sabian ride (Crashes yet to be decided). Sadly I do not have the...
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    Pearl Professional Dlx Series Drum kit w Extras for 1,000 euro - worth it?

    The specs of the kit are right up my alley, - 18” Bass drum - Floor Tom - 12” & 13” Toms - TAMA Swing Star Snare Drum - 3 Boom Stands - 1 Rigid Stand - Hi-Hat Stand & Pedal - Bass Drum Pedal - 18” Zildjian Ride - 20” Zildjian Ride - 16” Zildjian Ride - 2 X Pearl Hi-Hats 14” - 1 X Sabian...
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    New Gretsch Catalina Maple snare, reso head tore while tuning and rim seems misshapen

    This isn't really a tuning thread (never had a problem tuning a snare drum), but I just got a secondhand snare (this one; though curiously the ad has being refreshed by the seller a day after I bought it and it seemed to be in pretty sweet nick...